Loy Machedo’s Messy Desk While Blogging

Imagine you have an ex-lover who spent every hour, every minute and every moment of your life….. only to one day leave this lover of yours forever.

Just break off or say…. just leave without giving any reason why.

It could be any reason.
Just give yourself one.
And then…

Loy Machedo & Nitnipa Nakoon receiving Covid19 Vaccine in Koh Samui, Thailand

Just want to give you my experience of getting the COVID19 jab.

Here’s the summary for those interested.

  1. Reached Central Festival at 9:14am
  2. The area for registration was behind the ‘SAMUI’ signboard where tourists take pictures
  3. You have to bring a photocopy of your Passport copy, Work permit, Electricity Bill…

Loy Machedo

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