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2 min readOct 30, 2021
Loy Machedo & Nitnipa Nakoon receiving Covid19 Vaccine in Koh Samui, Thailand

Just want to give you my experience of getting the COVID19 jab.

Here’s the summary for those interested.

  1. Reached Central Festival at 9:14am
  2. The area for registration was behind the ‘SAMUI’ signboard where tourists take pictures
  3. You have to bring a photocopy of your Passport copy, Work permit, Electricity Bill & proof of where you reside
  4. You will be given a Yellow paper to fill up which is a consent form & also asks questions about your health, allergies etc
  5. By 9:45am we received our vaccines (me and my Thai wife). Everything was completed in 45 mins. We would have completed it faster had we brought the photocopies. There was no rush at all.
  6. An interesting bit was this — I was given the AstraZeneca vaccine. My wife was given the Sinovac vaccine. The reason for this is me being a foreigner who may travel — getting AstraZeneca is more widely accepted than if I received Sinovac.
  7. The staff did make it a point to ask me multiple times which vaccine I wanted. I was honestly okay with anything.
  8. We were asked to wait for 30 mins after receiving the vaccine. We stayed for 15 mins and left
  9. Side Effects — My wife had a slight headache which she took paracetamol (twice). I had body temperature increase by 1 to 2 degrees. I felt as if I was recovering from a fever. But I refused to take any medicine. Instead, I drank plenty of soup, ate fresh fruits & vegetables. There was slight muscle/joint soreness. Nothing too much.
  10. The following day, I went for my exercise for 20 mins — a slow run in the afternoon without pushing myself too hard.
  11. Today it has been 3 days. I’m doing just fine.
  12. Important suggestion — ensure you drink plenty of fluids, sleep well and relax before the vaccine. There is no need to be afraid or be stressed out (too much focus on negative information online about death or suffering)
  13. My wife has to get her 2nd shot after 1 month. I on the other hand have to wait for 3 months for my next jab.
  14. I’ve documented all the experiences via video. If anyone wishes to check, its on my youtube channel. You can google search “Loy Machedo Vaccine Koh Samui” — you will get everything.
  15. If anyone wishes to get more information — please contact this number — 077–962–777
  16. Finally just want to give a thank you to all the volunteers of Koh Samui for their support & guidance.

For those interested, here is the VLOG…

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