Back To My Ex-Lover…. After 4 Years?

Loy Machedo
2 min readOct 31, 2021


Loy Machedo’s Messy Desk While Blogging

Imagine you have an ex-lover who spent every hour, every minute and every moment of your life….. only to one day leave this lover of yours forever.

Just break off or say…. just leave without giving any reason why.

It could be any reason.
Just give yourself one.
And then imagine that you have left the person.
Imagine that you spent the next 4 years happily doing your own thing.
And then one day out of the blue, you decided to come back.

The reason?

Think of any.

Plans didn’t work out.
The current lover wasn’t as good as your ex.
You realized it was a mistake.
You missed the good old days.
Or maybe you just decided to ….. just come back.

Well, that's the same case with me and the love of my life ‘Blogging’.

Once upon a time, something I had to do. Just had to do it every single day. And that is the blog. And then life, changes, migrating to Thailand, trying to figure out new ways to earn money, Youtube….. Well, I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

So now after nearly 4 years of being away from the game — I’m coming back to my ex — Blogging. Now before you jump the gun and start asking me what about your current wife (4th wife) — are you planning to leave her? Are you planning to go back to Dubai, UAE after having left it…. so on and so forth….


It's only one ex-lover.

That is.

Let me see how this turns out.
Still need to bloody figure out where are some of the keys while typing and hate the ‘backspace’ for every time I make a mistake (like now).

Anyways, I am aware of ‘muscle memory’…. So I’ll be patient.

And in case you have stuck around for so long… Just want you to know (or rather be the first ones to know) that I’ve relaunched my website — the blogging section.

Here’s the link in case you are interested.

Lot more to do.

Let's see how things go.

For now, I’ll focus less on perfection & the glamour and more on the ‘Just-Do-It’ bit.

Until then.

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