Procrastination: How I Got Rid Of It

Loy Machedo
2 min readOct 26, 2021

I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging. And since the past 17 days, I kept telling myself, I will start with an article on Medium. However, every time I sat down to write an article something came up. Either I was too tired or too busy or too out of focus or too ‘something’. Even now when I sat down to type an article — the little voice in my head reminded me once again why I wasn’t ready.

I sat down.

I thought.

I was about to close the browser and do something else because after all, I wasn’t ready.

I waited.

And then I was like… Seriously….. what nonsense is this? Ain't I supposed to be the “Personal Branding Expert” blah blah who gives people advice on social media?

How can I give advice & not walk my talk?

So, I decided enough is enough.

Here is my article.

It may be crap.
It may be pointless.
It may have grammatical errors.
It may be stupid.

What the hell.

I needed to do this not for anyone but for myself.

Just for me.

So here goes.

Article Number 1
Dated: 26th October 2021
Time: 23:56

So… You want to get rid of Procrastination?
Here’s the answer.

Forget perfection
Forget the perfect plan
Forget the perfect time
Forget the perfect whatever
Just Fuckin Do It Man.

Got it?
PS — Thank me later.
PPS — Attached is a not-so-perfect selfie to go with the article.

Who Am I?
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(Article Number 1)

Loy Machedo in a not so perfect pose while blogging



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