Youtube Strategies I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Joined Youtube

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I’ve had my first youtube channel in 2009. And those days I didn’t know what to do with my channel, what to upload on it or why I should upload anything on it. So all I did was constantly update ‘other peoples material’ on my youtube channel assuming that this was my ‘private’ channel which I could upload videos to and watch whenever I wanted.

So along with my own videos, I uploaded many other songs, videos, movies, clips and moments that belonged to other people. And one fine day, just like that — I lost my youtube channel.

Realizing that there was nothing I could do, I restarted my second youtube channel — I created my current one on October 25th, 2012.

As of now, my current stats on youtube are as follows:

  • 2,180 videos
  • 6,340 subscribers
  • 1.19 million views

I know its terrible!
I’m pretty sure you must be saying to yourself that in a day and age where one video can get over 10 million views in a few days — I have only received 1.19 million views for 5 years that too for 2,180 videos!!!


To be honest, I didn’t have a strategy, I didn’t have a purpose, I didn’t have a reason why I created my own youtube channel. In fact, I didn’t even know anything like being a ‘youtuber’ existed. I wasn’t aware of any person who made a living out of youtube and neither did I see the potential of youtube for my brand.

However, 5 years later — it is only now that I have realized what youtube can do for my brand. Talk about ignorance!

So now, if you are a serious youtuber and someone who wants to start making a healthy youtube channel — if not a career out of youtube, then this article is for you.

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Here are the Tips

Know exactly WHY are you online. If your purpose is to be famous — Fine that is your purpose. If your purpose is to make money — Fine. Whatever is your purpose first define it clearly.
It was only towards the end of last year that I decided on the purpose of my youtube channel (seriously!). And then I decided to take it seriously ONLY AFTER I got banned from Quora.
So what is my purpose on youtube?
My purpose is not to make money through my youtube channel, neither it is to be famous. My purpose is to compliment and make my brand stronger through providing value to my customers/followers who check out my content.

- Logan Pauls strategy is shock value & entertainment.
- Al Jazeera is to provide real time news.
- Dave Lee shares technology reviews
- MMA On Point shares news about MMA
So I asked myself — what would be my strategy? And that is where I decided I would share what I love doing — Being me but with MY values, MY beliefs and MY thoughts.
Now I am pretty aware of the fact that I am not big time celebrity or superstar whom people would be interested in listening to. After all, I am neither rich, famous, successful or for that matter good-looking. So what’s the point then being ‘me’ to anyone?
It then comes down to your core — and my core was all about imparting education, learning, growing, awareness through my life, my perspectives and my advice through my experiences. And given that my target audience is not ‘everyone’ and ‘anyone’ — I made sure that my strategy suited my target audience. Which brings me to the next point…..

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This one was a tough one to understand and realize. The reason being — when I was in Dubai, UAE — my target market were professionals who wanted to improve, learn and grow but they didn’t necessarily log into youtube for the services I provided. They preferred a ‘face-to-face’ interaction. And the ones who were interested, were the youngsters in India — which at that time, wasn’t a market I was very interested in.
However, in 2017, when I left my practice in Dubai, UAE and moved over to being full-time online, I had to create and craft a presence online. However, once again — I didn’t know WHO would be interested in my content. And that was where by sheer accident — I discovered my target. They say “seek and you shall find” and I found a large following in India, the Middle East, Europe & USA of people who wanted a genuine and honest perspective. I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say. Slowly but surely, I realized people want to hear my views, opinions, thoughts and ideas about how I see life, what I am doing and why I am doing what I am doing. Which is where I started to create content relevant for them — but with my perspective & personality to them.

Without a doubt the BIGGEST, HARDEST and most DIFFICULT challenge of being on youtube is:
4.1) Being Consistent
4.2) Follow Best Practices
4.3) Be YOU
4.4) Do it for a greater cause

What do I mean by this?

Every day now I create a content after waking up (whenever that is I do wake up.
And immediately after waking up — I create a video. Sometimes, in case I do not feel up to the mark — I give myself sometime to settle in, and then I create a video.

Now, almost ALL the content I post this protocol
- TOPIC: The video topic I will speak about is determined in advance
- TITLE: The video title is always an attention grabber
- DESCRIPTION: The video will have a 300 worded description apt to the content I am speaking about
- EDITING: The video & audio will always be edited to the best of my ability through Final Cut Pro and a HD version will be uploaded on youtube.
- THUMBNAIL: The youtube video will have an attractive thumbnail
- SHARE IT! Once it is uploaded, it will be shared across all my platforms with the proper description, hashtags & message

Let me give you an example to make you understand this point. I normally post videos with regards to the outdated education system, the problems related to getting a job and with regards to being unique. To my surprise today, a 15 year old boy shared with me 3 new videos of his with a side note stating “Sir, I am so inspired by you that I created videos just like yours.” And then when I proceeded to watch his video, I realized that those 3 videos were more or less in the style and format that I had created my videos — they were against the educational system, they were about sharing a few tips how to get a job in today’s world and his final video (ironically) was about being unique.
In fact, this is not a one off incident — a few weeks ago, I got this young man who let me know that he wanted to be a Coach just like me. The only problem was — he was without a job, he hadn’t read a single book, received any training or had any experience related to coaching, and best part — he had no idea how to start his career as a coach. The only thing he knew was that (which he told me) he was inspired by me and wanted to become like me.
I always tell people — Don’t be anyone but YOU and YOU alone always.

The fact of the matter is this — all of us need to make money. All of us have our own personal and professional agendas in mind. And all of us have our reasons as to why we do what we do.
I totally get that. However, while having a Me, My & I agenda in mind — focus on ensuring that the people whom you are serving and catering to are taken care off. I genuinely care about my followers & users and I ensure whatever it is I am sharing with them is something they too would benefit. When your content is created in this manner where you focus on others — you will automatically grow in a small yet sure way.

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What the majority of the people do not know is the amount of work that goes behind-the-scenes especially if you are a new-youtube-creator. Let me share with you a few things that people may not be aware off…..

  1. I answer each and every question sent to me via youtube
  2. I reply & respond to each and every comment sent to me on youtube
  3. I personally check and study how every video is performing and the analytics behind it
  4. Everyday before I start my video, I plan and prepare what I am going to say
  5. I always have a checklist to make sure everything is ready and perfect
  6. I ensure the house is quiet (I have 2 dogs and my wife also stays with me). So they all support me by keeping absolutely quiet. If there is any noise — it can and will destroy the video capture moment.
  7. Every take has to be the best of what I can do. There have been many times after recording 65 minutes video, I felt it wasn’t right or up to the mark. So I had to redo the whole thing again
  8. I have literally invested in a proper microphone, editing software, online subscription & marketing tool to ensure that my videos are created and marketed properly
  9. I also maintain and nature a group of enthusiasts & fans in my groups who help me promote my videos and share them with others.

All this takes a lot and I mean A LOT of effort in making a video happen.

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If you look at the above screenshot, you will see that I have hardly made $45 out of the 1.186,147 million views. I’m pretty sure if I had created my youtube channel for the purpose of making money and becoming rich — I should have given up years ago.

The point is I didn’t create my youtube channel for being rich or famous. I just created because I loved what I was doing — being able to post my opinions & views online and share them with people who would find them worthwhile. Agreed, I didn’t have a strategy when I started, but at least now I do.

Like they say, its better late than never, so that is why now at least I am doing it right. And my reason for sharing this article with you is so that you too benefit and learn from the mistakes I have made and hopefully have a better channel than I do.

These are some of the points I wish someone had told me when I started my channel 7 years ago. So after losing 4,000 videos, being on my 2nd channel, having more than 2,252 videos uploaded with over 1.19 million views — well finally here is what I wish someone had told me when I started my Youtube Channel.

Hope you found this useful. And yeah — for whatever it was worth — do check out and subscribe to my youtube channel if it appeals to you.

Loy Machedo

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