Would You Marry A Woman Considered “A Second-Hand Piece Of Used Furniture” ?

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This girl was first married when was 23 to a village boy who was only 16
Being a village — they agreed to it
He was apparently ‘a good boy’
After marriage within a year he got into smoking, drinking & drugs
He would violently beat her every single night
It was only when he tried to kill her strangling her
She cried and told the parents the truth….
They asked her to come back asap
Sadly — it was her name that was ruined in the village.
Not his.
She was a girl
He was a man.
2nd marriage
This time love
Few months into the marriage
Turned out to be a womanizer
And then started beating, hitting and abusing her
She left him
Now in the village — the girls name was ruined
No one even talked about her
Everyone told her — she would never find a man
In fact — no one wanted to marry her
Even though she is a good girl
They considered her a “Secondhand Piece of Used Furniture”
But both those boys
Kept getting new women
Kept getting marriage offers
And even today — they are on the lookout for a girl.
Finally, this girl
Out of sadness decided she would never marry
One day out of the blue
An ugly old fat man told her
He would marry her
Told her he was poor
But could give her a good life
Of love, respect and genuine friendship
But he was poor, ugly and fat
She told him she only wanted love
Nothing else
She told him
I’m useless
Because I have been touched by 2 men in my life
He said he didn’t care
She told him
Her name was ruined in the village
He said he didn’t care
She told him
She wasn’t highly educated
Nor was she beautiful
Nor was she a virgin
He said he didn’t care.
Finally, they got married.
And that is the story…
Of a woman named
Nitnipa Nakoon
Whom the world today calls
Mrs. Loy Machedo

Loy Machedo

PS — Did I mention the guy was ‘slightly’ tattooed?

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