Why Your Mom & Dad’s FREE Advice Is Better Than The PAID Advice Of Self-Help Guru

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  • You can win!
  • Believe in yourself!
  • You have greatness in you!
  • The ‘law’ of attraction is……
  • The universe will give you what you ask if you only demand from it

Why do Self-Help Gurus drill these strange ‘feel-good’ statements in your head?

Simple Answer: It sells.

When you tell average, ordinary, lazy, misguided, confused, under performing unhappy audience members that they are destined for greatness — magic takes place!

Best part — these are the very same people whose family members and friends dismiss them and laugh at them simple because they know for a fact they cannot and will not achieve anything worthwhile.

And how do they know this?

Its called ‘track record’ or ‘behavior patterns’.

So when you have one of these well-dressed super successful ‘looking’ self-help gurus who tells you that YOU MY FRIEND HAVE GREATNESS IN YOU or YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS or YOU ARE ON IN A BILLION or YOU ARE THAT ONE IN A BILLION SPERM THAT MADE IT….SO YOU ARE SPECIAL…..well…. you run to sign up to his newsletter & become his faithful disciple!

What is the reality?

Well, the reality is this.

  1. The ‘successful & immaculately well-dressed’ self-help guru has bills to pay. And the more suckers he can get to sign up for his course — well, the better his monthly target will be achieved.
  2. The self-help guru does all this because this is his business — talking and selling ‘hope’ to the ‘hopeless’. After all, what makes religion work its magic charm?
  3. By making you feel good, like him and become his “F” — Friend, Follower or Fan — the bottomline he wishes to achieve is
    A) You will a subscribe to his newsletter (so that he can keep selling you his special offers)
    B) You will buy his DVD or Book or E-Book or E-Course or Online Course (so that he can make some more money)
    C) You will inform your friend, relative or promote his content on your Social Media feed so that he gets your contact list of 1,000’s of people to read whatever he has and thus he can make more business.

So now does it make sense why Self-Help Gurus are so motivating, inspirational and sweet sounding?

Maybe its time to listen to the harsh sounding, unpleasant feeling & brain numbing advice that mummy & daddy used to give. After all — which one do you think comes from the vantage point of having known you for years and years?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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