Why Weight Loss By Cheating Is Better

Have a close look at my picture.

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The picture on the left is me at my heaviest — 108kgs.
And the picture on the right is me at 85kgs.

I wasn’t so fat and so unhealthy. So how did I become so fat?

Well, I stopped exercising for nearly 2 years and doing nothing else but eating in the face of stress and personal challenges.

So now the question is — how did I manage to lose so much weight?

I can give you amazingly positive & misguided admissions stating:

  1. Control your diet
  2. Work Hard
  3. Exercise
  4. Believe in yourself
  5. Links to videos, articles & apps on how to lose weight.

And you will start doing exercise, control your diet and try to change your life. And hopefully reach your ideal goal. After all — isn’t this how everyone goes about getting fit?
And I have my share of doing the same.

Let me share with you some real life moments of exercise & fitness in my 16 years of dabbling around with food, exercise & physical fitness.

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On the left — this is me during my college days — 52kgs body weight. And on the right, this is me at my heaviest when bodybuilding & power-lifting at 125kgs.

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This is me during my Triathlon days at around 80kgs

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This is me during my weight-loss days — around 72kgs

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And this one is me during a experimental phase of going from 102kgs to 69kgs through one year of dieting, exercise & fasting.

And yes — who can forget my bodybuilding days of trying to impress the ladies looking lean & mean?

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So I have literally tried everything where it came to fitness, body-building, weight gain by putting on mass, weight loss by losing fat & mass — experimenting with food, different diets, training regiments and disciplines.

In fact, I even tried every possible supplement, stack, steroid and sarms — both legal as well as illegal to see what impact it would have on my body.

But after all those countless hours in the gym, the super-expensive coaches, supplements & steroids — I realized on painful truth— that naturally I was fat person and my addiction was food. So even if I would achieve physical excellence — unless and until I was consistent, discipline & dedicated, with my time, effort and money, I would never be able to maintain myself.

So what was the solution?

I couldn’t keep doing exercise everyday of my life. I couldn’t keep controlling my self as discipline & self-control was mentally exhausting. And I couldn’t just focus on this aspect of my life as my priorities were changing.

So what could I do?
What was the easy way out?
What change could I make in my life?

Those questions lead me down a path of seeking medical assistance.

Eerr….nope. It was a heap of Rubbish

No way! Given the number of deaths I have personally known from doing that operation & how ineffective it was — I didn’t want to treat the effect. I wanted to treat the cause.

So then what could I possibly do?

It was then I bumped into a post by one of my facebook friends who currently was a cross-fit enthusiast but casually mentioned about a ‘Bariatric Surgery’ which he underwent to control his weight gain & food addiction. He was around 116kgs and now he was around in his 70’s weight limit.

That lead me to initiate a conversation with him and that in turn took me down the Rabbit hole of something called “Bariatric Surgery” for weight-loss.

Without getting into the technical sides to it, all I can tell you is that ever since I opted for the surgery, these have been the immediate changes in my life.

  1. I am eating lesser than before — the quantity has reduced by 90%
  2. I am unable to eat most of the junk foods I used to eat before
  3. My relationship with food has been changed permanently
  4. I am not eager to eat

And because of this the following results have occurred.

  1. I have lost weight rapidly
  2. I feel lighter
  3. My sleep related issues are no longer present
  4. My sperm count went up. How do I know this? Well my wife conceived within the 1st month after I lost nearly 15kgs.

And what are the other benefits to this surgery?

  1. No more diabetics
  2. No more blood pressure problems
  3. No heart related issues
  4. No cholesterol issues

Given that this gene was in my family — now I do not have to worry about it.

Now, there are risks also with regards to this procedure and there is also a 1% chance of failure. And if you are not smart enough to go to the right doctor — you can go to the wrong doctor and end up spending MORE money than required.

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And all these thoughts and experiences I have posted on my youtube channel as they are far too many and too various in itself.

However, as I look at myself today at the age of 40 and I look back at all the adventurous experiments I have untaken, I realize that I cannot keep struggling and fighting with myself to lose weight.

I have other important things to focus upon like earning money, preparing for the future, taking care of my wife and also preparing a good future for my yet-to-be-born child and yes focusing on my brand.

Doing exercise, keeping fit, staying healthy is also a priority but I want to make it easier and not harder. And given that my age is catching up, I have a different set of priorities — I think I need to smart.

And that is why I opted for the Bariatric surgery.

Today eating is no longer an obsession, an addiction and something I enjoy. Rather it is more to do with eating in moderation, being healthy, staying healthy and using all my time, energy and effort on other things other than diet control, exercise and staying slim.

Maybe you have different point of view and I respect that. However, where I am concerned, if I can make something easier and work well in the long term — why in the world should I say no to it?

Given that I have enough challenges already, I think it is necessary for me to focus on using my resources, willpower, self-control, time and effort wisely.

So if you are looking at the harder way to succeed. Good for you.
I hope the struggles & the efforts been worth it.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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