Why This Tattooed Man Chooses NOT To Be Humble

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Ask anyone and they would tell you ‘Being humble is a virtue’. In fact, when you meet a great leader, accomplished businessman or successful personality and they are all humble, approachable and down-to-earth — there is so much of positive publicity, admiration & high praise for them.

As a young boy, I was always told — be humble, be gracious, be nice, be kind, be down-to-earth……You know all the ‘goody-two-shoes’ advice. But I always kept thinking — if everyone is humble, then how would anyone know if I am great or not?

But because I was young, I assumed everyone knew better than me, so I decided I would do my best to be ‘humble’ with a hope that someone would appreciate, recognize and exalt me.

I went through my entire childhood waiting to be appreciated for the good things I did. I went through my entire childhood waiting to be praised by others for what was good about me. I went through my entire childhood waiting to be told “Wow, look at him he is special, he is…….”

My entire childhood passed me by.
The only recognition I got was how horrible, terrible, miserable I was, why I shouldn’t have been born and why I was a mistake. I went through life being criticized, mocked, ridiculed, bullied, tormented and tortured with negativity, injustice and pain.

BOO HOO HOO — Right?
Yup — no one cares so lets move on.

So as I was saying…I had a crappy childhood

One day, I grew up.

Now it was time to go into the real world.

I still looked around to see if anyone was going to compliment me, recognize me or praise me.

Funny thing — everyone was busy with their own shit.
No one had time for me.
After all — what did I have to offer them?
What benefit?

And so — once again — I practiced being humble, nice, sweet, down to earth…..yet no one praised me, recognized me or appreciated me.

Life moved on….Then I got into the corporate world.

But wait….!
Over here finally I was getting praise….
Oh guess what…….over here there was plenty of praise!
Not only praise but also compliments and nice stuff — even trophies, awards & certificates…..but……..somehow….somehow something didn’t feel right.

I soon realized — it was kind of…you know… fake. It felt like my managers were praising me so that they could get something out of me, to get the job done, sometimes to ensure that next month I would achieve the target, sometimes to ensure I work harder, sometimes — well, just to get things done for the team.

So once again, I kind of felt empty again.

And then I went through life in various ships……
And all the other ships — which would stay afloat and be amazingly touched with gentle ripples of compliments when the seas of our values were at peace and calm

However, once the seas got stormy and rough and any of the SHIP’s were going to crash into the rocks — The relationSHIP, companionSHIP or friendSHIP — that was where the cool, calm and composed caring compliments turned out to be brutal black bloody bad-words. Everything that was said, stated and shared — was taken aback and told — it was a lie.

So once again, I went through life feeling empty.

Until one day…. one day, I thought to myself….
No one is praising me
No one is complimenting me
No one appreciates me
And the ones who are being praised — well, they are not me.
And I am not them.

So if I cannot get praise, support, appreciation and recognition, I am going to do it myself. And then that was what I started to do.
Admire Loy Machedo
Talk about Loy Machedo
Advertise Loy Machedo
Praise Loy Machedo
Write about Loy Machedo

I waited to be criticized, be made fun off and be told I was wrong.
Then something strange started to happen.

People started to notice me.
Some started to appreciate and compliment me.
Then it increased
And then my fan base & followers started to grow.
Then my haters started to pop up out of no where
And then my fans & followers started to fight with my haters and critics and my Personal Brand grew even more. And one fine day — I started making money out of all this noise, publicity, engagement & interaction.

And finally, I reached where I am today.

In fact, when I look back on my life — I find it very strange actually that people follow advice, guidance & lessons from people — that too many who are not qualified to give them to you.

I mean seriously — what is the point of taking advice from some has been or some teacher who teaches in a small school or individual who is nothing like you but wants you to become ‘like them’, follow their values, their beliefs & their lifestyle — seriously, what’s the point?

Are you like me?
Is my life like you?
Do we have the same characteristics?
Do we share the same strengths? weaknesses? core competencies? interests? values? In fact — do we even look alike?
Then seriously WHY should I adopt YOUR belief systems in MY LIFE?

That is why I threw away all the values, all the teachings, all the lessons, all the theories and all the rights & wrongs out of the window to finally re-discover life through my own eyes. And yes — let me be the first one to admit, I made plenty of mistakes, I fucked up many times and I have quite a number of regrets. But today I am my own man, with my own lessons and my own theories about life. In fact, the biggest learning out of all this has been my capacity to take personal responsibility for my own life. And today I take 100% responsibility for my life. No matter what happens.

If the market is down — its my fault
If my friend cheated me — its my fault
If the weather is bad — its my fault
If I didn’t get a job — its my fault
If someone else died in my family — its my fault.

At the same time…

If I succeeded — its my fault
If I made money — its my fault
If I am famous — its my fault
If I am the best — its my fault

That’s it.

So from then on — I didn’t depend on anyone for any compliment, any praise, any kind word or any certificate of appreciation. I did it myself both online & offline. After all — what is social media than YOU bragging about HOW BIG, HOW GREAT & HOW AMAZING YOU ARE?

All Social Media users spend hours and hours informing the world how amazing, perfect and great their life, their world and they are — so what is so wrong in me EXPLICITLY doing the same without being apologetic, shy or having to explain myself to anyone? After all what has anyone done for me that I should explain myself to anyone or work hard to keep them happy?

So that is how and why I stopped being humble about my greatness, I stopped being shy about my achievements & I stopped hiding my accomplishments from the world. Now when I complete a task, finish a project or do whatever it is I have to do — I proudly show off — not only to myself but to the whole world.

After all — no one is going to do it for free.
I will always have to paid for advertisement.
If I achieve something and no one knows about it — no one will know about it. And then if no one knows anything about it — how will my clients know anything great about me? And if my clients do not know anything great about me — who will pay me? And if no one pays me — how I will survive?

In today’s day and age — everyone wants to rub shoulders with the whose who, the big, the rich, the strong, the famous, the sexy, the amazing and the successful.

No one is interested in the humble, simple and nothing.

I am pretty sure you would tell me “But look at Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg and how humble they are.”

I will agree and respond by saying “When I have USD $93,000,0000,000 in the bank — trust me even I will be super humble, super simple & never ever ever tell anyone how great I am.”

After all, after having that kind of money & power who need to brag anyways?

But until then….allow this poor man to let the world know how great he is. At least I can get one more potential client to pay me $10,000 for my services & advice.

Ain’t I A Genius?

Loy Machedo

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