Why? Seriously, Why Do It Later? Why Not Now!

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Me and my wifey left the house yesterday to go for lunch at an Indian Restaurant. I let her know that on the way we would:

  1. Throw out the Garbage (here in Thailand, you have to dump the garbage at a particular spot)
  2. Withdraw money from the bank
  3. Pay the landlady the rent
  4. Pick up the Groceries

Given that the road map from my house to the restaurant had the following stops….

  1. My house
  2. Garbage dump spot
  3. Bank
  4. Landlady’s house
  5. Restaurant
  6. Grocery Shop

I thought it would be best to the exact same route — finish off all the unpleasant tasks so that me and my wifey could relax and not be bothered about the ‘to-do’ list.

However, after dumping the garbage bag as I drove ahead to park my scooter near the bank, my wifey immediately informed me “lets do it later”.

I asked her why, to which she responded “Let’s have food first so that we can do this work later.” I seriously didn’t want to leave the work for ‘later’ however, going against my gut feeling, I agreed and took her to the restaurant.

As we were sitting at the restaurant, my mind was still dwelling on the fact that ‘we could have’ finished the important work first and then enjoyed a nice meal. However, given that now I wouldn’t do anything — I simply let go of the thought and continued to focus on us having lunch.

Once lunch was over and done with, we drove off to the bank — only to find out that the electricity was now cut off in that area. And so — where we were supposed to withdraw the money — well, didn’t happen. And because of this, the land lady wasn’t paid and neither did we have the money to go for the grocery shopping.

So we drove home and after an hour, we drove once again to the bank to withdraw the money. We drove off to the landlady’s house to pay the money — only to find out she wasn’t at home. So now, once again, we couldn’t complete the intended assignment. And so we went to the grocery shop and went back home.

Finally, after reaching home the third time and waiting there for some more time, did we find out that our landlady was now home — so we drove once again and finally paid her the monthly rent.

Now, did you see all the headache that occurred simply because I allowed myself to NOT do what was supposed to be done FIRST and instead focused on doing everything else?

Sometimes, I think we need to do what we do not like first but what is necessary. More like what Brian Tracy once stated as “Eat The Frog”. I for one call it more like how Stephen Covey stated it: Doing First Things First.

Before ending the day, I reminded my wifey on how the day got wasted. Given how much my wifey knows me by now, she said “I’m sorry Kaaaa” — her way of admitting her fault.

So, the next time you have something fun to do coupled with many not-so-fun things to do — I guess you will now know what should be done first.

So the next time your wifey says “Lets do it later” ask yourself….”Why? Seriously, Why Do It Later? Why Not Now?”

Loy Machedo

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