Why My Wife Is Like A Toyota Yaris

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Imagine for a moment.
You have all the money in the world to purchase a car.
You can choose either a Rolls Royce or a Toyota.

If you go in for a Rolls Royce, you will need to blow off a hell lot of money.
You will also have high maintenance costs.
And the spare parts also will cost you a fortune.

Oh and one more thing — you will have to spend high amounts of money on this vehicle month after month after month as it is a luxury brand. It will also require a luxury garage. And a VIP parking space. Did I forget 24/7 security surveillance as it is a incredibly expensive product?

However, if you buy a Toyota Yaris, it is not only cheaper, it has very low maintenance costs and the spare parts are ridiculously affordable. And there are no extra costs involved in maintaining it. This is one car you can park in the sun, shade, under a tree — any where.

Here’s the funny bit — both are cars.

Both have 4-wheels.
Both are used for getting from one place to another.
Both are machines.

However, almost everyone wants a Rolls Royce or Ferrari or Lamborghini.
No one would want a Toyota.


Because they love to flaunt it, show off, feel good, have bragging rights, get respect and be envied.

In fact, ask any young boy or girl this question:
“If you had all the money in the world — which vehicle would you buy?”

I am 100% sure the answers will range from a Hot Red Ferrari to a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 to the USD $2.1 million Koenigsegg Agera.

There are people who will buy a Rolls Royce and endure the expenses month after month to live that amazing lifestyle. And yes, flaunt it.

But a smart man is one who is rich, who invests his money where it is required but where it comes to his car — he keeps it simple & reliable.

So what has this got to do with relationship?

When it comes to choosing your partner — apply the same logic.

You can either choose one that looks Hot like a Ferrari, Fast like a Lamborghini, Elegant like a Lexus or Luxurious like a Rolls Royce.

Or you can choose a partner who is reliable & simple like a Toyota Yaris.

If your partner is a luxury car or a Sporty brand — then you will have luxurious expenses. Please invest into such an expensive partner that you cannot afford the maintenance or the spare parts.

Remember the service contract is every few months. So if you are not loaded, well you will go bankrupt.

And yeah — NEVER EVER EVER buy a car with a loan that will take up more than you can chew. Tomorrow if you lose your job — you will be stuck with a car that no one wants to buy and that will leave you stranded in big trouble.
Finally, the bank will not only seize your car, you will also end up with a very big fine + expenses.


If your partner on the other hand — is like a Toyota — it will not only be affordable, reliable & cheaper to maintain — it will prove to be a support in ensuring all the major incomes go where they matter and not into maintaining the car. And of course — it can be parked any where, any place and no one will bother chasing the car or trying to rob it.

Isn’t that better?

Today we live in a world where everyone can afford a Toyota Echo but they end up purchasing a Land Cruiser, or Range Rover or Lexus. Sooner or later, they end up penniless, useless and senseless.

It is the wise ones, the smart ones and the intelligent ones that know — a Car is meant for transportation. Why invest in it more when you can get the same job done with less?

Trust me when I say this —When I opted for arranged marriage — I had a choice between choosing a variety of cars to keep for myself — from the luxury brands to the sporty ones, from the heavy duty branded ones to the sophisticated & savvy ones. But I choose this one — a Simple, Dimple Girl from the village — who worked in the fields under the sun, whose only goal in life was to work and serve her parents & whose sense of happiness was her family. And that is why I asked for her hand in marriage.

And to my good fortune — she said yes.

That is why my wife is like a Toyota.
That too the cheapest model in Toyota — Toyota Yaris.
Very simple.
Very reliable.
Very cute.
Very classy.
And yes — very easy to maintain.

I can park her in any place — she never complains.
She never asks for expensive accessories.
Her spare parts are very cheap and affordable.
She can endure a very tough & rough life.

And best part — we both focus on what matters more — spending money where our future is concerned. Not on useless, pointless and senseless accessories or demands to show off. Which is why I am keeping her for life. And I know she will never ever ever leave me. And that is a gift for life.

So my friend — tell me……what car is your partner?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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