Why It Is ‘HELL’ To Be A Woman & Why I Named My Baby After ‘HELL’

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What I understood about women after my wife gave birth to our 1st baby….

Being a woman is not at all easy by any means.

It is nothing but pure hell —

  • the hell of giving,
  • the hell of sacrificing for others,
  • the hell of taking care of others,
  • the hell of thinking more about others than her own self,
  • the hell of doing things for others and then having to repeat this session again and again and again.

Oh and did I mention —there is another Hell…

  • the hell of no awards,
  • the hell of no recognition,
  • the hell of no thank you notes,
  • the hell of no pat on the back,
  • the hell of no salary,
  • the hell of no compensation,
  • the hell of no career advancement,
  • the hell of no promotion,
  • the hell of no performance bonus and
  • the hell of no appreciation at all


On top of that…..

  • My wife had to wake up every 2 hours to feed the baby
  • My wife had to keep cleaning the baby’s diaper — sometimes twice in an hour
  • My wife had to check why the baby was crying — every few hours
  • My wife had to pay attention to simple nuances and clues the baby was giving
  • My wife had to clean the baby’s clothes, clean the baby, prepare whatever was required for the baby, clean the area where the baby was sleeping, check the temperature, keep an eye on the baby and also balance her life while doing all this for the baby
  • My wife had to sing to the baby when it was crying
  • My wife had to put the baby to sleep when it wasn’t
  • My wife had to ignore her needs for the baby — as the baby’s needs came in first
  • My wife had to have a shower quickly, clean the house quickly, dress up quickly, eat food quickly, answer nature’s call quickly and do everything else quickly — so that she was always there when the baby needed her


In order to conceive the baby, my wife had to endure….

  • 9 months of inconvenience carrying this baby
  • The last 3 months of not being able to sleep or do things easily
  • The sacrifice of not being able to eat her ‘pleasure foods’
  • The changes, scars and marks on her body
  • The weight gain
  • The hormonal horrors

And finally…..

The unbearable pain of giving birth to this baby where her own body had to be cut open just to bring life into this world…..

Seriously….. A woman has to go through all this hell…all this pain… all this sacrifice.. all this selflessness…. only for what?

I ask myself — would I have the character, the courage and the capacity to endure, bear & go through all that my 25 year old wifey has gone through in these past few days?

And then my thoughts go to all the women all over the world, for all the years, for all the sacrifices and all the injustices they have endured in a world that only supports & exalts a man — would I seriously have what it took to go through this hell every single day?

Maybe that is why I am lucky being a man…. easier to be a happy coward this way than to be a brave warrior like my wife.

I used to always assume we Men were the stronger sex.
Well…now I know the truth.
We men are so fucking lucky that we are ‘men’.
I cannot imagine what hell I would go through and how I would go through that hell…had I been born as a woman.

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Maybe that is why this little torturer who currently ensures my wife is going through her ‘lovable’ hell was named “HEL(L)en Busubaban Machedo

Looks like when she wants she can make it a sweet “HELL-O” and when she is not in a frame of mind…. she makes it for us ….. HELL-INN

Loy Machedo

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