Why I Stopped Interacting With Online Fans, Followers & Friends.

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Ever since I focused on creating content on youtube, improving my subscriber base & increasing the number of views per video — the number of comments, emails & messages I have received have just gone out of control. Where once upon a time I found it easy to answer all my youtube comments, messages & emails effortlessly once a week, it soon reached a point where every minute I would get my phone ringing with notification after notifications. And because of the rising popularity that came in with my online presence including my whatsapp and facebook groups — today, it is impossible for me to switch on my phone notification without it buzzing endlessly.

To give you an idea — a few days ago I happen to reset my iPhone settings & get everything at its ‘default’ mode — in other words, where I receive notifications from each and every app that I was a part of.

Overnight I kept the phone on silent mode as I went off to sleep. When I woke up, I had over 3,714 notifications from my whatsapp, youtube, facebook & instagram apps overnight!

Imagine having your smart phone just going bzzzzzzzz non-stop!

So for my own sanity and well-being, I switched off the notifications for all apps on my smart phone.

However, I still had to decide what to do with the new influx of comments, messages & emails I was receiving from my dedicated fans, followers & friends online.

So one fine day, I decided to go through all the messages I received from all my well-wishers & haters online and then decide what to do next.

When I opened my email address where all these messages were filtered — I literally went through 3,000 messages. Some were kind, some were encouraging. But the majority of them were literally senseless, rubbish & useless. For the sake of curiosity, I decided to conduct an experiment. For the next few days, I decided I would interact with my fans. And so for the next few days, I did just that — spending an average of 4 hours a day not only responding to their comments but also acknowledging them.

After 2 weeks of doing so, this is what I discovered:

  • When I did interact with the fans & followers the frequency & number of messages increased even more.
  • Most of the comments & responses were a never ending loop of back & forth communication but with very little substance.
  • Many of them wanted services, favors, opinions & advice for free.
  • And where the haters were concerned — it was just nothing but a pointless, useless and senseless exercise.

However, added to all this, here was another interesting discovery I made.

Most of them who were commenting incessantly, were individuals with no credibility, no sense of achievement, purpose or intelligence. And the ones who were hyper were kids addicted to the internet for various reasons.

It was then and only then the truth revealed itself.

Interacting with these fans & these never ending comments would result in zero financial benefit to me.

So now, from then on, the one principle I follow online is — I focus on creating content, uploading it, marketing myself online — while my notification the importance to the comments & my responses to them — are all switched off. If however, I am free and doing nothing — well, nothing like just entertaining myself a bit by interacting with them. Otherwise — it is a No-No.

So now, my smart phone no longer buzzes with notifications. I no longer have to bother about who has sent me what message. And I do not have any pressure to respond to anyone. Only when I feel like I respond. And life has been wonderful every since.

Amazing right what you can accomplish by making your life a little bit more simpler?

Loy Machedo

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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