Why I Recommend Others To Lie, To Cheat & To Steal

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There is a certain level of personal & social responsibility when we talk about sharing our views, opinions & theories with others that too on the public platform. Many times people say something or express something that can totally destroy their lives, their careers and their reputations within a matter of seconds. And then there are times when people make a mistake and have to pay for it dearly.

And because of this need and desire to be accepted into society, many of us put on an image of whom we are not. For instance, lets assume someone likes smoking pot, spending time with women, is an atheist and also enjoying hunting. But now he is running for public office. I am pretty sure he would NEVER reveal this to the outside world. And he would do whatever he could to keep it private, secretive and even if it did come out in public — he would do whatever he could to not just deny it but get rid of the news by whatever manner & means possible.

Maybe that is why I never ran for public office, I never tried to get into the corporate world and I never kept many friends. It was easier for me to naturally be ‘ME’ than to be an image, a facade or an fake image of whom I was not.

After all — can YOU be YOU in the corporate world?

Now among the many controversial view points that I teach, train and tell my students/clients is “To Lie, To Cheat, To Steal”. Its more like the late WWE Eddie Guerrero’s persona of being the lovable crook but the character who got the job done.

To the surprise of many of my many, I have personally recommended my clients & students “To Lie, To Cheat & To Steal” or

  • TO LIE whenever and where ever necessary. It would be a white lie, grey lie or simply an explicit lie.
  • TO CHEAT others by misguiding them especially if someone is your competitor or someone who can take away what you have worked so hard to get or keep.
  • TO STEAL other peoples ideas, concepts by not only taking it but customizing it intelligently so that you never get caught.

Now I do not wish to justify my stance with statements like….

  • If you look around, you will see so many companies are doing this,
  • So many global leaders are doing it or
  • The entire world in reality is doing it.

No. That kind of justification is not at all necessary.

According to me — it comes down to a few simple facts

  1. How well do you know yourself?
  2. What are your values and how clear are you about your values?
  3. How badly do you want to succeed?
  4. Is failure an option for you?

Now before you get disgusted and feel the temptation of judging me — here is something for you to consider.

  • Have you ever told a lie in your life?
    At least once?
  • Have you ever done or even had a thought in your life that you couldn’t share with others?
    At least one?
  • And finally, do you have any drawbacks or imperfections?

Then, aren’t we no different?

And since you would Lie, Cheat & Steal whenever it feel convenient to you and when the price is too great to pay — so then why not be comfortable with accepting that have to “Lie, Cheat & Steal” to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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