Why I Laughed When Someone I Knew Plagiarized My Work

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A few days as I was browsing my SEO ranking online with the select words I had chosen for my online ranking — I found something really surprising. Someone whom I personally knew — had not only copied a few articles of mine, he had even copied my title “The #1 Personal Branding Strategist”. And after doing a little more research — I found his website EXACTLY like my website, most of his articles EXACTLY like my articles and most of the strategies he had adopted more or less EXACTLY like what I had adopted.

What made me so sure about that this person plagiarising my work?
Well — simply because when I was in Dubai, UAE — this gentleman used to come to me for coaching. He wanted to be another ‘mentor’ like me and so he used to book sessions with me to find out ways and means to make money online — which I honestly didn’t mind since this was my job.

However, after leaving UAE for nearly 12 months — it was a rather odd surprise to see everything I used to do — was being copied by this person. And by everything — I mean EVERY SINGLE THING.

It was more like whatever I was doing — he was keeping an eye on my work and picking up the best of whatever he felt was good enough for him.

I sat on chair wondering how to react to this discovery.
Should I be upset?
Should I name & shame this person?
Should I confront this person?

When I am emotionally affected, I am unable to think clearly and logically. So I decided I would let go of this thought, allow myself to sleep over it and then let clear thinking take it course.

The following day as this thought kept lingering in my head — I just googled my name “Loy Machedo News” and then saw all my work being displayed. And then out of curiosity, I googled this person’s name — to my surprise, after the 1st two links being his — instead of his work or his website being prominently featured online — it was my website, my blogs, my images being displayed.

Curiously, I wondered why didn’t his website or his work show on Google’s rankings, especially since he had been copying my work since the past year. So I called up my friend Mr. Google to check with him what was the reason. (he was an ex-google employee).

When I shared the incident, he laughed. I asked him why was he laughing — to which he responded, “Loy, google is not dumb. It has one of the smartest and best AI in the world. They clearly know when someone plagiarises someone work. And when they do, they blacklist the website, its content and its creator. You cannot copy anyone else’s content and get away with it. In fact, let him keep copying — all he is doing is digging up his own grave. Because the day, he gets caught — his reputation will go down the drain.”

I thought about what he had said and realized the truth in his statement.

Yes — its a fact that people can copy my work and there is nothing in the world I can do about it. In fact, I would never be able to stop piracy, plagarism or intellectual theft of my work, my ideas and my creativity. However, what I can do is simply this — outwork them at their own game.

So where my copycat was easily copying my work without any hard work, I decided I would work 10 times more harder to generate more content, more tags, more of my brand online so that google would busy reserve “Personal Branding Strategist” for me than anyone else.

And in turn, as I would be busy sharpening my skills, getting better, faster, smarter and stronger at creating original content — my copycat would only be using one muscle to get better — plagarism.

You see, you can copy someone’s work — but you cannot copy their mind, their creativity, their uniqueness & their capacity for greatness. And deep down, you will know you not as good as the creator himself. And then one fine day, when the copycat reaches his or her pinnacle — you will be destroyed by one mistake. Just one.

Yes, I do value, I love and I worship my work. That is why I take so much pride in my signature, the expressions, the originality and the end result. Agreed it may not be perfect but it is the best of what I can do. And that gives me immense gratification.

Like I always said, “I would rather be paid less being the best version of me, than be paid more being the cheap imitation of someone else”

There will always be one Loy Machedo and that one Loy Machedo is me. The rest — well, I could call them Imitations. So until then, let my classic signature be ingrained in your memory.

This is Loy Machedo — The World’s #1 Personal Branding Strategist.

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