Why I Despise Today’s Younger Generation

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The Never Ending Email Notifications

Out of the 1,000’s of messages & emails I receive everyday, here are some of the messages sent to me by some of today’s 11 to 20 year olds.

  • “Can you give me tips how I can make $1,000,000 easily?”
    (17-year-old lad from Spain)
  • “If you are so successful, how come you do not have millions of views on your youtube channel?”
    (13-year-old from Dubai, UAE)
  • “I hate reading books. So if I had to read one book — just one, which one book would solve my problems of Procrastination, Laziness, Inability to study & Distraction?”
    (16-year-old from India)
  • “What makes a person who above the age of 40 more superior to us new generation who are more creative, have much more energy & are trend setters? I mean why the hell should I work for someone else’s dreams?”
    (19-year-old who identified himself as an ‘Entrepreneur’)
  • “What is the best advice you would give someone who is ‘X’ Years old?”
    (All age groups have asked me this advice)
  • “What hack do you recommend for 10X productivity?”
    (14-year-old student from India)
  • “I am a 13 year old INTP personality. What suggestions would you recommend for me to capitalize on this personality type?”
    (13-year-old from USA)
  • “I’m 12 year old and I am fed up of this life. I’m doing the same thing everyday. Can you suggest strategies to change this?”
    (12-year-old — from parts unknown)
  • “You are from the Atheist Group. Have you read the Quran? If you read it, you will find the true God.”
    (15-year-old from Pakistani)
  • “Where can I buy Nootropics without letting my dad know about it? Can you also recommend the dosage for it?”
    (17-year-old from parts unknown)

These are some of the thousand messages I receive from youngsters all over the world every week. Generally, I do not bother answering them simply because I know there is only one result that comes out of all these exchanges — nothing.

I will end up wasting my time.
I will end up wasting my energy.
I will end up wasting my life.
And to top it off — I would have given importance to someone who was absolutely another waste of time and space.

Now you must seriously wonder why do I despise the youngster of today? Isn’t it my role to act a beacon of hope and guide them towards the right direction?

Well — No.

The problem is I do not have Billions in the bank that offer me such a liberty to invest my time into an individual whose upbringing has been totally skewed and destroyed. Trying to undo someone else’s mistake is not what I signed up online for.

Yes, I do understand I am supposed to be an inspiration and role model for many youngsters. But the problem is — today’s generation has access to so much information online — most of it being useless that they feel a false sense of confidence and live with an illusion of empowerment that cannot be sorted out.

I did make the mistake of spending 3 months of time chatting, answering and trying my best to sort out these problems of our future generation. Alas — I ended up spending 3 months doing this — only for me to realize — I sacrificed the ability to generate funds. And my business & brand also suffered.

Worst part — after helping these youngsters — all I got in return was a bunch of youngsters who had access to the internet — who decided — it was time to bully me online with spammy messages, prank calls and even online threats while posing to be someone else.

Personally, I feel the future for these youngsters — and the ones to come is getting bad to worse. The fact that they have access to the internet and social media and that they learn, read and study anything online — they assume cherry-picking whatever they choose will empower them to achieve the millions, billions and trillions in money, fame & power. Which I suppose they discover is not the case only after a few years of getting beaten and battered left, right and center in the arena of life.

After all hunger, pain, and failure have taught many of us lessons that we can never forget. And maybe this is reality that these know-it-all youngsters of today need to undergo to change and become more humble, more open and more prepared for the future. And that I believe is the beauty of growing up.

Someone needs to send them a memo there is no shortcut to success, no hack to achieving greatness and no book that can replace personal accountability. I know that they will learn this lesson one day. I just hope its not too late.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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