Why Entrepreneurship Is A BAD Idea

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  1. There is no screening/qualifying process to become an Entrepreneur
  2. The chances that you will struggle and you will fail in business are greater — much more greater than you succeeding.
  3. The reason why Entrepreneurship is so desirable is because everyone talks about the success stories. Its good for the guy who succeeded. And its worth sharing with others who look up to them for inspiration. That is the 1%. People purposefully choose to ignore the 99% — those who struggle, suffer and are just living hand-to-mouth.
  4. No successful Entrepreneur acknowledges luck over effort — which is most probably the case
  5. The only measure of a successful Entrepreneur is money that you make
  6. Everyone assume he can become an Entrepreneur
  7. There is a badge of arrogance & pride that comes with announcing to the world that “Im an Entrepreneur” without revealing how much money you actually are worth
  8. “Be my own boss” is a myth
  9. The hardest part of being an Entrepreneur is creating systems & human resource.
  10. Passion doesn’t guarantee a livelihood
  11. You can be successful for 10 years. And one bad year or decision can lead you to bankruptcy.
  12. You will never have a balanced life
  13. Just because you are good at a process doesn’t mean you are good at business which is why majority of engineers & technical experts who are brilliant at their craft fail at running a business.
  14. Being an Entrepreneur is not about having Shiny Things. Those that show you shiny things — are not Entrepreneurs
  15. The smarter you think you are, the bigger mistakes you will make
  16. Starting a business means you will say goodbye to a lot of things money cannot buy — sleep, peace of mind, stress-free-health & yes monetary security
  17. In business, payments & timings of payments is everything
  18. Working Capital starts with ‘work’ for a reason
  19. You cannot run a business and make friends. Business is about making money. Friendships cost you money. Do the math.
  20. When you are an Employee, getting government declared or national holidays is a blessing. When you run a business — this is a curse.

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