Why Do I Pose With My Tongue Hanging Out?

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If you were to check any of my pictures online, on Facebook or any other social media — you will notice one particular style that I have — and that is I pose for any photograph with my tongue hanging out.

Most people who know me, are used to it. Some of them dislike it. Some find it strange. Some of them find it disrespectful. And the rest just don’t care. However, the one thing is very common. People ask me why is it that I pose for most photographs with my tongue hanging out?

  • Isn’t it disrespectful?
  • Doesn’t it portray me in a bad light?
  • Should I be concerned how people view me or think about me?

And given the fact that I am an Online Brand, a supposedly intelligent person who mentors & guides others, should I behave ‘mature’?

I listen to their questions & logical reasons and then I tell them, “Well, I guess end of the day, this is me and my brand.”

But I know one thing — they are not happy with that explanation. After all, I am supposed to be a logical guy, who gives logical reasons and always has an Analytical side to doing things.

So given that being logical, analytical & a person who uses a valid reason to do whatever he is doing, let me tell you exactly WHY I pose with my tongue hanging out.

  1. This style was inspired by the New Zealand ‘Haka’. I consider it a very powerful form of expression. And yes — the WWE Legion of Doom. I feel this expression expresses ME for ME.
  2. It is my signature format of expressing my feelings.
  3. I love doing what suits me and this style states it loundly.
  4. I am not a good looking guy. So why should I try to ‘look good’ in a picture?
  5. I hate following rules that make no sense — posing formal while holding both your hands as if you were using them as a fig leave to cover your private parts — doesn’t suit me.
  6. I HATE being like others especially what others find ‘normal’ or complying to rules.
  7. My tongue is pierced. So why not show it.
  8. Whomsoever sees my pictures remembers these small nuances about me.
  9. This has been my crazy style all these years — so why not use it.
  10. And yeah — I hope to use this with whomsoever I can — as long as I do not get arrested for being indecent. However, when I am at a holy, pious or respected place or with a person who deserves respect — well the tongue goes back in.

I always being in standing out. So maybe that is why I do everything to ensure I stand out but while being comfortable and being ME.

So here’s my question to you — what would be YOUR UNIQUE STYLE if there were no rules, no regulations and you could just be YOU for YOU?

What is YOUR unique Personal Brand Signature?

Loy Machedo

Written by

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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