Why a DIY Resume Seldom Works

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A Resume.
You need it when you are hunting for a job — correct?
And when you want to redesign, revamp or rebrand a resume, what have you done? Most probably done what anyone else would do:

  1. Google the word ‘Resume’ with ‘template’ online
  2. Check the top 10 Resume Templates
  3. Download the 10 best Resume templates
  4. Then google Resumes related to your line of work. For instance if you are a sales professional, you would google ‘Resume Sales Professional’
  5. Check the top 10 Resumes of the category you specialize in
  6. Download the 10 best Resumes that match your category or line of work
  7. Then google the top 10 vacancies related to your line of work
  8. Copy/Paste the words used used for the vacancies

And once you have:

  • The Best Resume Templates
  • The internet Resumes (related to your line of work)
  • Resume words (used in vacancies)

You mix them all together and then voila! you create the WORLD’S GREATEST RESUME!

Here are the 3 questions I want you to consider:

    Do you suppose no one else on the planet thought about this idea? No one else on the planet googled a Resume? No one else on the planet copy/pasted a Resume? No one else on the planet used the SAME format?
    If your idea was so incredibly amazing, why is it you are not getting offered jobs left, right and center? Why is it that the company whom you sent your Resume to — didn’t call you ASAP back and offered you a job?
    Do you seriously assume that the Recruiter whom you are sending your copy/pasted Resume hasn’t seem 100 another Resumes since the last 24 hours which are exactly like yours? Do you seriously believe you can fool a decision maker or CEO with this bullshit that you are trying to pull off?

Here is the acid-test to know if your super-smart, super-intelligent & super-google approach is working or not — Do you have the job offer of your dreams?

If not, then you are fooling yourself.

I know what you are thinking — given that I am a self taught individual — isn’t this the same way even I learnt the same skill — google? Didn’t I go down the same route?


I took the google approach AND….

  • I have read more than 17 books on Resumes, Interviews & Job Hunting Strategies,
  • Interacted with more decision makers, recruiters & CEO than I can count
  • Created over 2,000+ resumes. And given how
  • I have been doing this for 11 years
  • I do this for a living

So comparing what you are doing to me is like comparing your expertise in using google to someone who works at google.

Now, I am trying to tell you that I know everything and you know nothing. But what I am saying is, the amount of experience, knowledge and creativity I possess that took 11 years to nurture through constant research, study & practice cannot be mastered by 10 clicks on google. It is the same as a engineering college graduate stating to an engineer with 11 years experience — I know better than you because I studied everything an engineer does in college.

Theoretical knowledge versus Practical knowledge are two totally different things. In the end I know one thing — if something is truly important to you, if you value something a lot and if you have high standards for yourself, you will not take the easy way out. And no one knows this more than me. Because I took too many risks, made too many mistakes and paid the price more dearly than most. Had I not been a victim of my own intelligence and over-confidence, I would have achieved the success I enjoy today 20 years ago. And maybe been a millionaire many times over.

Sadly, I made the mistake many are making today. And I paid the price for it.

So what am I trying to say?
Don’t use google to improve, learn & become better?
Absolutely not.
By all means — use google for anything and everything.
However, for something that is truly important and life changing like your career or professional growth — don’t assume it is as easy as typing on google and copy/pasting the information. Had it been so easy to succeed, professionals like me would cease to exist.

So the next time you are not getting any job offers even after sending your well-articulated, well-designed & well-formatted Resume around — I want you to sit down and think why is this happening?

And yeah — for once don’t google the answer.

Loy Machedo

Written by

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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