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POA = Plan-Of-Action.
Nothing fancy about it.
But what is a WPOA?
Do you have one?
You must be like what the hell is a “W” in the WPOA?
Well, I will tell you that later
But for now — be happy with the POA full form.
So at least you read my article util the end.
(on second thoughts since you will scroll down to find out what the W is, I will NOT write it down in the end….
maybe somewhere in between…
oh wait…
you will check somewhere in between….
Alright…best…I will not write down what is W
You guess it…..
But for now…read…
So coming back to my article…..
Do you have a POA?
(Forget the W….not important)
I’m sure you will say yes.
And spit out something from your head.
Something like “Today I have to do….”
Not that kind of a POA.
The one that is:
1) Specific
2) Measurable
Yeah, that kind.
But let me be honest here…..
I normally do not have SMART goals.
I have simple goals.
Very simple.
And what do I mean by that?
I keep my goals absolutely SIMPLE.
For instance, today after I woke up, I didn’t have a goal.
Because in the night I didn’t write down my goal.
Stupid…I know!
So after I woke up, I asked myself what did I want to do?
Seriously speaking, I didn’t feel like doing anything.
But then, if I don’t do anything, how will I earn?
Given that I do not work under anyone, I doubt I would be paid an income for NO work. Now that is a luxury many employees have!
I know — Lucky them!
But me?
So what is the solution?
Well, I TRIED to think of something….
But you know what happens when you “TRY” to do something.
Nothing happens.
So I finally decided — ‘Enough is Enough’
I took my Thai wifey to an Indian Restaurant….
I know, how funny right?
Non-Resident Indian man, taking Thai woman to eat Indian food in a Thailand Island…
The last bit sounded odd…..
Anyways, once I took my wifey there, we ordered the food….
And then I took a sheet of paper, a pen and started to jot down my ‘agenda’ for the day.
Some people call it the “TO-DO-LIST”
I frankly…don’t call it anything.
Its just a list…….List of things I want to do or accomplish.
Nothing fancy, nothing smart, nothing intelligent.
Just a few words of what I want to do.
I wrote them.
On one side I wrote down the topics I could write down as articles for Medium & also upload as videos on youtube. And on the other side, I wrote down what more I needed to do, complete and achieve.
Stuff like Learning Photoshop, doing exercise, completing my online course, breathing exercises, meditation.
So now, after I wrote down my LIST — I completed eating my meal and me and my wifey left.
Oh by the way — one of the reasons I write down my plans in a place other than my house or my room is because it kind of gives me clarity — clarity to think clearly (wonder if that is grammatically correct? clarity to think clearly?)
Oh well…
Anyways, so I wrote down my list of things to do in my (tah-dah) LIST
I came back home
And I started to…..well get ready to take a nap.
Well, after eating a nice meal in the afternoon, I doubt anyone can immediately start a productive task! At least I cannot.
So I took a nap which I bundled with my ‘meditation’……
Kind of a meditative nap where I listen to a static noise (supposed to be having some hertz for deep sleep meditation) + I close my eyes + I go off to sleep (or try to go off to sleep).
Oh — one thing…..I also make sure I have an alarm clock to wake me up.
And Oh another thing….I also have my ear-phones plugged into my head or I would hear all kinds of wild-life from roosters, geckos, my dog and my wife talking to my dogs in the house.
Yup…. some of the perks of being married.
So then nap time…
Finally, I wake up….
I take my STRONG espresso…
And now keeping my list in front of me….
I start my work….
Right now, as far as I can see it — thanks to my WRITTEN POA — I am able to (yeah, yeah, I know you knew what the “W” in WPOA was….) I am able to churn out article after article. And it feels good.
Of course it feels good.
After all, I am able to have a TO-DO-LIST, I am PRODUCTIVE & I am able to achieve ‘something’ for the day.
Isn’t that nice?
So once again…..forget your Goals, Strategies & Vision in life.
What is your……

Do you have one?

Loy Machedo

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