What Successful People Will Never Tell You

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Right now it is 4am.
Everyone is asleep — including my wifey.
While I am sitting down in front of my iMac — doing work.
What work?
My online work of posting youtube videos, blogging and putting up creative content.

I kind of enjoy working alone in the dead of the night — because there is less disturbance. Not many notifications, not many emails, not many whatsapp messages — no one present to disturb you. Just you and your thoughts.

This is the second day that I have been sitting down at the deadman’s shift — when everyone is asleep — but I am awake.

My target?
1) Complete 10 videos and post them on my youtube channel
2) Complete 10 articles and post them on Medium (this is the first)
3) Complete 5 articles and post it on my website
4) Read 100 pages of the Book titled “What to expect when you are expecting” by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
5) Complete 100 chapters of Abode Photoshop online design course
6) Complete 10 modules of the Internet Marketing Course

And once I complete that — well I can go back to doing my Q&A’s on Quora where I push for 50 questions per day.

Now to a normal person — this may seem a bit too much.
But then — am I normal?
For someone like me — this is what I love doing and I enjoy doing — because it is my passion — Reading, Studying, Blogging, Vlogging & being a Mentor/Coach for my clients.

Oh by the way — did I forget to mention — that in between I also have my customers, clients and carefully chosen students who call me for my time, advice and expertise. (And that is where I make money).

So this is how life is for me. It is a non-stop everyday grind of creating and posting content online — while at the same time studying, learning and growing and ensuring I manage with the other Personal and Private challenges that life brings.

What successful people will never tell you or share with you is this grind, this hard-work, this deadman’s shift, these self-induced targets and this drive to achieve success. They never talk about this, they never share this and they never let anyone know this — simply because these moments are magically sacred to our growth and success. And for those who thought about living a balanced life — well stop fooling yourself.

There is no such thing.

After all — who said making millions was easy now?

Here is a video that shares the same insight.

Loy Machedo at 3:40am — Behind The Scenes Footage

Loy Machedo

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