What Should You Do AFTER You Fail?

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The last article I had written on Medium was 16th May 2018.
Today’s date is the 5th of June 2018
20 days….
It has been 20 days since I wrote my last article.

I had promised myself I would write an article every single day.
So why did I not write any article for the past 20 days when I had made a promise that I would write an article every single day?
I had made a promise to myself.
And I failed.

And why did I fail?
No seriously — why did I fail?
I can give 10 justifiable reasons and I know, no one will care.
So then the bigger question begets — Why do we all fail in being consistent with our goals?

Consider this example…

You are over-weight and unhealthy.
You eat junk food, drink soda & consume tons of sweets almost every single day. And you stuff your mouth whenever you are bored.
One fine day you notice a overly large, super inflated, sagging monster belly and you tell yourself — enough is enough — I need a 6-pack!
The ‘Eye of the Tiger’ music plays in the background and then before you know it, you have purchased a new pair of exercise clothes, shoes, supplements, even a brand new gym membership — and you are sweating it out!

But you don’t stop there…..You clean out all the rubbish from your fridge & your cupboard and stock only healthy wholesome organic foods. You even have a monthly plan, weekly plan and a daily plan of what exercise to do, what meals to eat and what time to eat them. And to ensure you succeed — you have also downloaded an app on your smartphone, on your smart-watch and you have joined a few facebook groups to ensure you get the right dosage of motivation.

From then on — it is a transformation you can literally see happening right before your very eyes.

Every single day is like an exciting TV Promo!

The facebook posts, the instagram pictures, the never ending stream of likes, comments & engagement of people who are looking at your daily blogs, vlogs & updates — it is just incredible! You get compliments & words of encouragement from people who let you know that you inspire them, you light up a fire in their lives & you are an incredible leader of change.

1 month passes by — you are committed to death do us part.

3 months pass by — you are still excited & strong.

6 months later — it unbelievable how truly ironclad your resolve is!
Can you believe you have stuck to your guns all this while???

You are the king of the world!

Now you are showing a NEW YOU to everyone!
Your physique has changed!
Your personality is totally evolved!
You are the MAN!

You start feeling more confident, you start purchasing new clothes, you start adopting new behaviors — you are version 2.0. and the face of Change!

Everything is going on absolutely fine….. and then disaster strikes……

One day your good old friends suggest —
“Avengers Infinity Wars has released!
Let’s go for a movie!”

A night out with the lads!
Who can say no…?

But then you check the timing….
It will clash with your gym schedule….
You think about it…

Two voices in your head fight it out verbally……
“Will missing out one day in the gym make such a big difference?
Whats the point of life if you cannot enjoy one day with your friends?
After all, you are not some ‘professional athlete’…
Life is meant to be enjoyed right?”

So you decided to take a day off…. and to add to it, you also decide today will be your once-a-rare-moment ‘cheat day’ where you will reward yourself with eating junk food, pop corn, ice-cream, chocolate, a soda & yes — delicious Nachos topped with extra thick cheese & salsa sauce! (not to forget the M&M’s yellow!)

And so… you mentally & emotionally decide to enjoy the moment!

You watch the movie.
You gorge on your temptations.
You absolutely enjoy the moment as your brain releases all the pleasure inducing chemicals which were locked in a prison of self-control for all these months!

So now, its back to the new healthy lifestyle you had embraced so successfully….

But…in a rather unexpected way…..the taste of the old memories linger in your mind….the steamy hot pizza with the incredibly colorful toppings - bacon, chicken, salami and sausage pieces with mushroom, capsicum, onions, pineapple all nicely presented on a crispy hot thin bread crust and yes — a touch of the original Hienz tomato sauce….the images are still fresh. And then your mind races to the triple decker chocolate ice-cream with chocolate cake toppings + hot chocolate sauce + Almonds coated with Belgium chocolate pieces was truly heavenly. And you find it impossible to forget the never ending pleasure of munching hot salted crunchy popcorn with M&M’s and yes — the immaculate taste of crepe — strawberry with banana with fresh juicy coconut slices topped with peanut butter & nutella.

All this felt good!
After all — it did taste amazing!

The memories, the moments & the magic lingers….

6 months later after the Avengers: Infinity Wars party…..

You are no longer going to the gym
You are eating ‘normally’ like before — no more of those planned meals & calorie counting sessions.
You have stopped uploading pictures, videos & updates with regards to your exercise & diet regiment simply because not only are you bored, no one seems interested in it any more. The views on your videos started to decline, the comments were hardly there and the likes — well, were not present. And the finally, to cement everything — you are back with your boys doing what you always did — enjoyed life with your boys smoking sheesha, going out to eat food, going for the movies, being busy at work and then just switching off after a hard work-day is done with.

And if anyone asks you what happened with regards to your diet & exercise regiment — you just shrug it off as you let them know you don’t have time or you are too busy now a days….

So what actually happened here?

Why did you stop your diet, exercise & lifestyle change regiment when you were doing it so successfully? And why the lack of interest now?

The answer?
That fateful day at the movies when you went to watch Avengers: Infinity Wars — the day you decided to ‘let go’ for just one day lead to a tsunami of old memories & habits that flooded your mind with happiness & pleasure. It reminded you how much fun it was being ‘naturally’ you, how easy it was fitting into the culture of friends and how effortless being lazy was. And who in the world doesn’t like to be lazy & relaxed?

It was like you took just one step down the slippery slope of the ‘good-old-days’ and that was all it took for the reverse transformation to take place — more like how the black goo enveloped & transformed Venom.

And this is a problem that happens to everyone.

We all start with a new regiment, new change, new resolution and new lifestyle — only for it to let go just one day…. and then go back to what was considered ‘normal’.

I know this because I have literally struggled with so many habits, patterns & areas of my life with a genuine desire to succeed, but with a drive that slowly yet surely ended on the side of decline.

And that is actually the reason why the Weight Loss, Image building, Body-building, Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Money making industry mints billions of dollars. They know everyone wants to change and they also know — the participants will eventually fail. And this is where the money is made.

Remember the analogy — if everyone was healthy — the medical industry would go bankrupt! So it pays to keep people sick with bad health-destroying habits.

So what is the solution to this problem?

I would sum it up with the phrase “Fall down 7 times. But get up 8 times.”

My challenges, my temptations & my problems in life have been no different to yours because I am a human being just like you. So every time I fall or fail — and I will, all I do is remind myself, yes, I have failed. And once I acknowledge this — I just pick myself back up.

This is what life is all about.
Falling down and standing back up.

Yes, I had given myself a promise I would write an article on Medium every single day. But for the last 20 days I failed to live up to that promise for reasons whatsoever.

But like I said before — who cares?
This is my problem.
All I need to do is make a choice.
And my choices are…
Either give up writing forever since I didn’t write for so many days.
OR remind myself, its okay.
We all make mistakes.
We all fail.
I fell down on my face.
Its done & dusted.
Now all I have to do, is pick myself up and try — once again.
Make an effort to write ‘one more’ article on medium.

You see….Sometimes its not about being the best, the greatest or the winner.
Sometimes its about going one more round.
In a world filled with competitive temptations, recurring challenges, and never ending hardships — you and me are bound to fail. And in the game of life, its not about being a the greatest for just one day and one day alone….But about trying and being a consistent winner every single day.

And that is where DAILY Discipline, Dedication & Drive come into play.

I have failed before.
I will fail again.
But there will however be just one mantra I will always repeat and relive every single time.

Fall down 7 times.
Get up 8.

Loy Machedo

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