Want To Be A Hollywood/Bollywood Superstar? Read This…..

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So many youngsters send me messages & emails sharing with me their dreams of becoming the next big Hollywood/Bolllywood superstar.

They sound so cute when they say “I’m ready to work very hard” to “I believe in myself” or “If you check my audition tapes, you will not be disappointed.”

Given that I have a few clients whom I have worked with over the past many years who have been in this industry — here are some of the dark realities of being a Hollywood/Bollywood Superstar which no one will tell you about.

Do you want to be the next big superstar?

Do you want the next opportunity to star in the leading role?
Do you want the chance of a life-time?

Good — answer these questions….

  1. What are you prepared “to do” for the decision-maker to get that role?
  2. What are you prepared “to give’ the decision-maker to get that role?
  3. “How far are you willing” to go to keep the ‘decision-maker’ happy to get that role of a life time?
  4. How far are you ready “to bend over” (Front or backwards) just to get that role?
  5. How “flexible” are your value systems for that particular role?
  6. How “open-minded” are you for that particular role?
  7. Can you keep small dirty little secrets?

Once you can answer these questions — you will realistically come to know how far you will succeed where being a Bollywood/Hollywood superstar goes.

Oh by the way… Hard-work, talent & everything else comes after this.

Loy Machedo

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