A True Story NO ONE Would Believe

Until 2007, I had no idea what mentoring was all about. Forget the process, I didn’t know such a word even existed. All I knew and lived by was a simple mantra “Enjoy today & Die Tomorrow”. And because of this carefree attitude — I was unemployed and living on favors. To make ends meet, I would take up odd jobs or part-time jobs. Basically, I didn’t care and was pretty reckless about life.

It was during this stage of my life when I bumped into Gabriel D’Souza — the CEO & Managing Director of a USD $11,000,000 annual turnover company.

This man had known me from childhood and always had a soft corner for me. So when he came to know I was now at a crossroads of my life, he approached me with a rather unique proposal — to help me get back on my feet without expecting anything in return.

At first, I looked at that offer with suspicion. After all, why would anyone give you a free lunch — and that too a free lunch everyday for weeks and weeks together? However, one thing I did know — this god-fearing man whom I knew since childhood, who had offered me part-time jobs during my childhood days and whom I always knew was a regular Church-goes for 30+ years.

So, when he offered this ‘no-lose’ deal, in a rather shocking move — I refused the offer.
And if you thought that was surprising — well, think again.
After I refused him, he upped the offer by asking me ‘What would it take for you to work for me?”

And so I put my list of demands:

  • A fully maintained office car
  • A private office space
  • Rent Free Accommodation
  • A Managerial Title
  • A Managerial Level Salary
  • No responsibilities or pressure of targets
  • I could come to office whatever time I wanted as I hated coming to office on time
  • And yeah — I would only report to him and him alone

(Trust me — this is exactly what I asked!)

Now the reason I asked him for all this was because I was 100% sure no one in their right mind would agree to such terms and conditions. Seriously speaking — I wasn’t interested in working for him & for his factory. I considered manufacturing work BORING!

But to my surprise & shock — he agreed to it.
I am not joking — he seriously did.

I hindsight, I suppose he believed I was destined for some kind of ‘greatness’ so to speak. And he looked upon me as some kind of investment which would pay him dividends later on. And so — he not only agreed to my terms and conditions — he started a journey with me where he would mentor & train me to become a better version of me.

And before I knew it, 6 years passed by.

Today, as I look back at those 6 years, I can tell you without a doubt ALL the incredible abilities I have today — from my ability to handle people, to negotiate, to handle workers, to writing business emails & proposals — all I inherited because of him. In fact, my logical prowess thanks to which I make so much money today online — is all because of him. Had he not mentored me — I would never be the man I am today.

So how did I manage to learn all these skills?

I spent every day, every waking hour, every single minute with him. If I wasn’t with him in the office, I was hanging with him outside, if I wasn’t outside with him, I was meeting him at his house and if I wasn’t meeting him at his house, I accompanied him to Church. I was literally with him 24/7. And because I was with him for so long and such lengthy durations — his characteristics & mannerisms of thinking rubbed off on me. It was more like learning on the job. And it was because of this constant interaction with him — I got to see the benefits of hard-work, I saw the power in being logical, I witnessed the incredible opportunities money & power opened up for me and most importantly — the sense of respect that came with this kind of money, power & success. And let me tell you first hand — it started to become addictive & second nature to me.

After I drove a Range Rover & Lexus for many years, I didn’t want to drive anything less luxurious. After enjoying the respect of being a top dog — I didn’t want to be a low-level employee. After enjoying the perks & benefits of a comfortable life — I didn’t want to be a bum on the streets again.

They say if you hang around with someone long enough, you become like them. Well, hanging around with him for so long and for so many activities, I not only wanted to be like him — I wanted to live like him. And that in turn made me want to learn everything he taught me. And that was when the actual process of mentoring started and the transformation began.

Today at the age of 41, as I look back at Loy Machedo in his 30’s, I can tell you without a doubt — the difference between the two is impossible to believe. Personally speaking — Loy Machedo at 41 would NEVER and I mean NEVER want to associate with Loy Machedo in his 30’s. The mentality, mannerisms & man that I was and what I am today — is unbelievable.

I am truly grateful to this man for being my mentor and for changing me. Had it not been for him — I wouldn’t have the foundation on which my personal brand has survived, thrived & evolved to become a global entity.

The Bottomline is this my friend….If you want to change your life — get yourself a mentor who is years and years ahead of you in terms of your thinking, your ability to process information and your mannerisms. It is one of the greatest educations you will ever receive and one of the biggest life changing moments you will ever go through. Yes, it takes time, and Yes, it works but in order to make this happen YOU need to find that mentor who can change you.

I was lucky, truly lucky to find one such mentor. And after him, many others. Fortunately, the biggest influencers of my life never charged me a single dime for their priceless nuggets of wisdom and life changing skills which they bestowed upon me.

Today, as I interact with hundreds of thousands of people, I share with them this story — not as a anecdote of inspiration or a tale of motivation. Rather a statement of reality of what it takes to change.

I would just end in words of Cathy Engelbert — the first ever woman CEO of Deloitte who said “Seek out a personal coach or mentor in the workplace. He/she should push you when you need it by encouraging and motivating you.”

I for one found one when I least expected it. And the values & lessons I learnt changed my life forever.

Find your mentor my friend.
It will change your life forever.

Loy Machedo

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