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Imagine for a minute.

You are on the look out for a job.
You desperately need one.

But one of your biggest drawbacks is that you are sometimes lazy, you are addicted to social media and you get distracted at work. And on top of that you lost your previous job because the owner terminated you.

You go for this job interview and everything is going fine.
Finally, the employer informs you, “Alright listen up, I am stuck between giving you the job or another guy. You both are equally good. So now tell me the answer to this question and I think I would be able to make up my mind whom to give the job to. But yeah — tell me the truth. My question to you is — what are your drawbacks and why did you lose your previous job?”

Now, think for a minute.
What would you respond?

Would you tell your potential employer the Truth that you are lazy? You are addicted to social media? And you get distracted at work?

Or would you tell a lie by NOT saying the complete truth?

I am pretty sure most of you would say the same thing my clients, students and followers tell me, “Oh Loy, you need to be ‘intelligent’ when responding to such questions and yeah, you should use “common sense” and say ONLY what is required. So you should answer this question “diplomatically”.

Here’s the deal.

Either its the TRUTH or it is NOT THE TRUTH.
There is no grey area here.
If you are talking about your life partner, your business partner or something which your life, your business, your children and your future is concerned — I am 100% sure you would want the complete truth and nothing BUT the truth.

But then, when it comes to what we want, what we need and what can truly change our lives — NO ONE and I can challenge you NO ONE would be silly enough to spit out one phrase of a true statement in exchange for losing an opportunity of a life time.

So that is where I want you to ask yourself — Do you seriously believe people can succeed telling the truth and nothing but the complete truth? Or do people and I mean many many people tell lies to get what they want?

In a world that is absolutely, brutally and competitively obsessed about being the best, in a corporate environment even billion dollar companies, personalities & yes, even your countries leaders lie, and in a day and age where you are not guilty until proven otherwise — I doubt you can expect people to tell the ‘complete’ truth.

I lie many times, I bullsh*t a lot and I play around with words.
My clients know this.
My friends know this.
My followers know this.

However, I let them know when I am lying and when I am not.
And I always make sure, I only choose those battles, those people and those situations where I can get away with my lies, my bullsh*t and my word play.

Otherwise, in all other situations, I tell the truth.

Like, Trust me, Right now — I am telling you the truth.
Or am I?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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