Tribe Of Mentors by Timothy Ferriss — 7 Plus Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Purchase This Book

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    This book is a collection of responses for the 11 questions Timothy Ferriss sent 100’s of people — which the author cited as a “reference manual” or “guide” from Mentors. Whatever he responses he received — he complied them into a book. More like a ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ format. Do you call a collection of interview responses as a Guide from Mentors?
    I have watched interviews with Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris — the whose who on youtube. How many interviews on youtube have you watched again and again as your reference guide? What do they say that is so amazing or thought provoking? And if you do — how do you manage with the tons of new interviews that are being published online for free?
    Whatever is stated here — is an opinion from yet another person. For example in this book you receive advice from ‘being humble’ to ‘being positive’ to ‘following your dreams’ to ‘be persistent’ — how much of a rocket science expertise do you need get that information?
    There are plenty of contradictory opinions — where one person values college education, the other does not. Where one person talks about taking risks, the other does not. Whom do you listen to?
    Let’s assume I follow a famous person’s advice and take risks. Or I treat my team members equally and give them a chance to disrupt the work flow to ensure creativity. Or I decide not to work under someone else and help him achieve his dream — instead focus on achieving mine. And then — I fail. So now — what next? Go to yet another ‘expert’ with another ‘strategy’?
    Lets assume in this book you find out:
    - Gary Vaynerchuk wakes up at 5am
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger eats 3 eggs in the morning.
    - Mark Zuckerberg takes a nap at 1pm.
    - Peter Thiel has a green smoothie for lunch
    - Larry Ellison meditates at 7pm.
    - Maria Sharapova has turkey breast for dinner
    - Richard Branson sleeps at 11pm.
    How exactly does this information help you?
    You have Timothy Ferriss’s
    - 4 Hour Work Week,
    - 4 Hour Body,
    - 4 Hour Chef,
    - Tools of Titans,
    - The Tim Ferriss Podcasts,
    - The Tim Ferriss Youtube Videos.
    Out of all the information he has provided — which comes to over 10,000 pages (if you include the podcasts) how much of information are you actually using? Or is it more like going to a seminar to listen to another round of information & just gather information to enjoy the “illusion of knowledge”?

Yes, Knowledge is power. And it feels good reading yet another book from yet another publisher from yet another well-intentioned self-help guru. I keep doing it over and over again. However, is this going to be yet another book in those heaps of books that we have purchased and stored in our private collection of books? And in doing so — how does it help us specifically? How?

End of the day ask yourself — What you have read how has it helped specifically and in tangible aspects? Can you actually measure it in terms of financial gains or is it just a ‘feel good’ proposition that you have going on for you?

After nearly 20 years of reading books over and over again — I have become a bit of a Skeptic. Yes, reading books is good. Yes, a book ‘may’ change your life. But end of the day I have reached the point where I do not want any more free advice rather I want practical advice I can apply to earn more money because at the end of it all — it is only my earning capacity that will help me pay my bills. And not some ‘feel good’ advice or strategy.

All the giants from Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg & Larry Ellison are making their Billions. I am tired of reading how they did it. I am tired of reading their ‘secrets’. I am tired of reading yet another book that will tell me something that they ate, drank or practiced during the course of their lives — simply because what they did may not be applicable to me.

Remember this much — Everyone wants to make their life better. However, there is only one way your life does get better — when you make more money, tons of it. And then everything else follows. You cannot have ‘Peace of Mind’ when you have nagging bills to pay, a pending car loan, a mortgage that has be settled, job insecurity & a troubled economy. Lets keep that into perspective.

Who knows, maybe after I make my millions, I will send 10 questions to all my rich friends and come out with my book “The Ultimate Guide To Success”. Hopefully, with the sale of that book — I will become a Best Selling Author & another success story.

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