Top 5 Stupid Potential Client Questions For The Month

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When people want my services, they usually come up with innovative barter deals or ridiculously illogical statements… here are a few examples of the latter.

Can you help me?
If you do, I will pray to God for you, your wife and your child. And I promise you — god always hears my prayers.

If you can guarantee that I will make 6-figure income per month, then I am willing to pay you $150 for your one-hour coaching.

If you help me, I can show you or do whatever you want on cam? But it should remain strictly between us.

Sir, I click ‘like’ on all your videos, Instagram pictures & facebook posts. And I will continue to do it. Can you mentor me for a year? I will continue clicking ‘like’, sharing all your posts & commenting on all your videos.

I have a solid proposal for you. Make my company & its brand global and work for my brand for one year — just one year — I will sponsor your trip to USA and help you gain citizenship for you, your wife and your family. Agreed?

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