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  1. Always take everything in writing — even if they are your thoughts. If there is no evidence of it or you forget about it, it never happened.
  2. Never trust someone when in an emotional high. It may be a game and you maybe getting played.
  3. If you lend anyone anything — from money to your time or even your feelings, remember — the chances of you NOT getting it back are exceptionally high.
  4. If you are getting into a fight or battle — there will always be winners and losers. And the loser will be like a snake waiting to strike. If you have the stamina & mental fortitude to always be on the edge — go ahead & fight — or best don’t get into the first place
  5. Be clear who you are, what matters to you, what principles you will not bend, flex or compromise. Sometimes, when when in doubt, this will give you the clear direction of the difficult choices to make.
  6. One of the biggest factors to success & failure is to ensure who is likable and if you are likable.
  7. Your life is a sum total of your perceptions. What if your perceptions are wrong?
  8. Sometimes its not the one who is the strongest or the fastest. But the one who has the stamina to fight the longest. Longevity in the sport may not be romantic but it is what we may actually need.
  9. You may have heard this before but keep the end in mind and then work backwards. It will save you the thrill of short-term but pointless victories & mindless celebrations.
  10. He who laughs last, laughs best. What if you don’t make it to the last?

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