Thoughts & Fears from a 1st Time Tattooed Going-To-Be-Dad

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Loy Machedo, His Wife & His Doggies

At age 40, I finally found out I was going to be a Father. And right now I am a Father of a 7-Week-Old Embryo.

I have no idea if these thoughts are normal — but these are some of the thoughts in my head….

  1. Will my wife have a miscarriage?
  2. Will my wife be able to handle the miscarriage?
  3. Would the baby be born normal?
  4. What if the baby is born not normal?
  5. Would I be a good Father to my baby?
  6. Would I have enough money for the child’s college?
  7. Will my baby listen to me?
  8. Would I have to spank my baby?
  9. What if my baby doesn’t listen to me?
  10. What if I don’t like my baby?
  11. What if my baby doesn’t like me?
  12. Will my baby grow up to be a good person?
  13. What if my baby grows up to get addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs?
  14. Will my baby look nice?
  15. What if I don’t like how baby looks?
  16. What would I do if my baby is Transgender?
  17. Can I have sex with my wife when she is pregnant?
  18. Am I a good role model to my baby?
  19. What if I die? Who will take care of my baby?
  20. After the baby is born, would I be able to do my work?
  21. How would I be able to sleep at night if the baby doesn’t sleep at night?
  22. How would I stop my baby from tearing up all my books?
  23. Where would the baby play?
  24. What if the baby gets bad friends as his friends?
  25. What if the baby doesn’t respect me?
  26. What will I name the baby?
  27. Since I had ADHD — would my baby also have ADHD?
  28. What if my baby screams, shouts and makes a tantrum always?
  29. What if my baby gets addicted to Social Media?
  30. What if my baby doesn’t like to study?
  31. What is my baby asks me a question about sex?
  32. What if my baby starts playing with his private (I’ve seen this once). What do I do?
  33. Would my baby be scared of me?
  34. What if my baby doesn’t like how I look?
  35. I don’t know what is love. I never had a father. In fact, I was abused as one. Would I know what it means to be a good father? In fact would I be a good father to my baby?

Are these questions and doubts normal?

Loy Machedo

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