The Worst Advice Given To Today’s Youngsters

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Follow Your Passion
Ever heard of the statement?

I’ve heard it many times.
Garyvee says it a lot.
Tony Robbins says it a lot.
Tim Ferriss speaks about it often.

In fact, read any interview where a founder is given an interview — the interview goes something like this…..
“I was told I would amount to nothing. I failed in school, dropped out of college. But I never gave up. Today, because I followed MY PASSION, I am worth Billions of dollars”


When some entertainer tells you “I slept on the sofa, ate from the dustbin, lived in my broken down car….but I never gave up on my dream.” And the next thing you know, there are jpeg images of this person’s quote floating around on facebook with tons of forwards from 100,000,000 good-for-nothing folks (who apparently are on social media burying their face in their smartphone 24/7)


When some actor, singer, businessman gets an award and then they walk up to the microphone and then they tell you….
“Never let anyone tell you cannot do something”
or some positive over used crap like that.

Apparently they managed to decipher & deconstruct the secret to success. And then before you know it —they have written a best selling book on amazon comes out with the title “THE SECRET” or “THE LAW OF (insert word)”.

Once you buy the book — the SECRET SECRETS are mentioned there.
Actually the number of secrets are also numbered.
Imagine that….
7 Steps and you will become THE NEXT BILLIONAIRE!

To help you save money, here are some of the 7 steps….
1) Write down your goal
2) Visualize your goal
3) Repeat your goal 10 times per day LOUDLY
4) Fake it till you make it
5) Give your goal to the universe
6) Believe your unconscious, sub-conscious & infinite conscious is handling your goal
7) Post images, pictures & videos of your dream all on your “Dream Vision Board” which you should aptly post on your wall.

And added to all this — the book will give you complex sounding pseudo-scientific words like:
- Infinite Intelligence
- Aligning your chakras
- The third eye
- Faith
- Believe in your self
- The law of (some shit)
- The Attraction

Now you must be wondering
After all — doesn’t faith move mountains?
Haven’t all the successful people achieve success through these steps?
Haven’t I achieved success through these principles?

To give you a better perspective…
Let me give you 4 examples:

Yesterday I get a skype booking payment.
A young man from India wants to speak to me and take my guidance.

Long story short, he tells me the following:
- He was forced into engineering by his Father
- He wants to drop out of college as he is not at all passionate about engineering.
- He wants to follow his passion.

So then I ask him what is he passionate about?
He responds by saying “Internet Marketing & E-Commerce”.

So this is how our conversation went…

What do you know about Internet marketing & e-commerce business?

I know Internet marketing as I have read a few articles online about it.

What have you done that has worked or hasn’t worked?

What have I done? I read and listened to all of Chris Guillebeau’s work (American Author) & Tim Ferris (American Author)

What is your game plan or strategy?

Follow my passion.

So then I ask him, what does he want from me?
His response?
Can you guide me so that I can make my passion in millions of dollars?


This was a person I knew for many years…..

Her passion was:
1) To become the next Victoria Secret Model
2) To act in a Hollywood movie with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
3) To start her own talk show as the next Oprah Winfrey.
And if you spoke to her — she would give you every quote, statement & anecdote of every great personality who achieved success since the dawn of time — from Edison’s 10,000 failures, to Colonel Sanders 1,000 rejections to Abraham Lincoln’s inspirational story.

So what was the problem here?

  1. The maximum media exposure she had until that time was that she appeared in a few photo shoots for local brands.
  2. She lived hand-to-mouth as what she earned wasn’t enough.
  3. She had 3 bank loans & 11 credit cards fully maxed out.
  4. She was an Indian Passport holder residing in India
  5. She had just entered her glorious 40's
  6. She didn’t have the means to go to USA.

However — she had one thing that would help her achieve success no matter how hard the going seemed…..She had PASSION!


IT professional working for IBM got laid off.
He got in touch with me for my Coaching services.
I naturally assumed he wanted to revamp his resume, rebrand himself and refocus his strategy to get a worthwhile job in the IT Industry.

To my surprise — he said ‘No’.

I asked him what did he wanted to do then?

He replied —
“To be like you.
Break away from the 9-to-5 rut
Pursue your dreams
Work anywhere at anytime for anyone
Get up whenever you like
Sleep whenever you like
Do what you are PASSIONATE about.”

I asked him what was he “Passionate” about.
He replied
“Blogging & Vlogging”

So naturally, I asked him to show me his blogs & vlogs so that I could evaluate them and give him pointers.

To which he let me know — he had never written a single blog.
Never uploaded a single video.
Never had anything other than a Facebook account.

So I asked him — how in the world did you decide to ‘blog or vlog’?

His response?

“I kept getting so many likes & positive comments about my updates.
So I knew 110% this was my true calling!”


This is a guy I met me in Dubai, UAE.
He literally ‘begged’ me to give him a discounted offer of my services.
After days of chewing my brains — literally and coming up to my door-step begging me to guide him — I finally caved in.

I not only helped him revamp his resume, I also invited him to my training sessions where I allowed him to sit with my clients for the educational sessions.

He would literally take down notes as I spoke.

I didn’t have any problems with him wanting to learn and grow.
So I allowed him to continue coming for the sessions.

I left Dubai in 2016.
After 2 years, a few days ago, I bumped into him online.

He has now created a facebook page with his name.
He has created a youtube channel with his name.
He has created a hastag related to his name.

I was surprised to know that he is now a business coach.

So what is the big deal you may say?
After all, shouldn’t I be encouraging someone to follow their dreams?

Well, I do not have anything against him.
The only problem is:

  1. He doesn’t have a job as he is STILL unemployed
  2. He hasn’t read a single book in his life
  3. He doesn’t have any money as he is living on his parents income
  4. He is 21 years old

BUT he is PASSIONATE about being a Business Coach.

The last I checked his youtube channel — he has 13 views for his video titled “How to make a million”

Strange right?
Best part?
He still asks me how to make money.


Now, I can go on and on with many more real life examples to strengthen my argument. But the point I am trying to make here this:

  1. Your PASSION is your passion. But it need not be a means by which you can make a living.
  2. The majority of the so called “PASSION” maybe nothing more than an illusion
  3. PASSION does not equate to ability
  4. Following your PASSION does not mean you will succeed
  5. Following your PASSION doesn’t mean you will be able to sustain your livelihood
  6. What you think is your PASSION maybe you easy-way-out to escape reality
  7. And most importantly, todays generation get flooded with all these misleading information online by self-righteous coaches where words like “PASSION” are heavily misused for their own personal agendas.

So bottomline — PASSION should be mistaken for a sustainable reality. The majority of the time Passion is nothing but a dream — something you can and should do when you are asleep.

I want to end with this example… and mind you this is a real example.

A few months ago, one of my friends sent me a website link of a guy who calls himself “Passionpreneur”. I watched his video for 6 seconds before switching it off. It was seriously the most irritating thing I had ever watched since cutting onions. The amount of bullshit he gave was not even funny. However, the only thing I did admire about him — was the passion he brought into what he believed was his true calling.

Now, personally speaking, it doesn’t matter what I think of him.
- I can hate his style.
- I can find him terrible.
- I can totally disregard what he is saying.
However, what matters is not what I am thinking, saying or assuming about him. Rather what matter is — is he able to survive and thrive in doing whatever he wants to do i.e. Is he able to make money? Because end of the day, irrespective whatever it is you are passionate about — trust me — no one cares. The only thing that people do care about is:

  1. Are you, your product or service useful to them
  2. Do you have anything of value for them
  3. Is the product, service or offering that you have — capable of solving a problem in their lives?
  4. Does it make their lives better?
  5. Whatever it is they give you — can you give them 10 times, 100 times or a million times more ROI?
  6. Is what you are offering at a competitive price in comparison to others?
  7. Is what you are offering exclusive to you i.e. I cannot get it from anyone else?

If it answers all the above questions with a positive yes — then whatever it is you are passionate about — GREAT! I will not only congratulate you, I will personally want to shake your hand and give you a pat on the back.

However, if it does not answer these questions in the positive statement, then you seriously better rethink your PASSION. Because keep in mind, at the end of the day, likes, positive comments, compliments, affirmations, visualization or reading a cherry-picked story of 1 person in 7 billion people who achieved success is not going to help you achieve success.
You are YOU.
You are NOT Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Mike Tyson, Edison, Colonel Sanders, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey or any other cherry-picked personality.
You are YOU.
The only reason we remember all these names is because they are exceptions to the rule. NOT the universal rule.

Passion without the ability to survive, sustain and thrive….is an illusion, a mistake & a delusion.

So the next time someone tells you to “FOLLOW YOUR PASSION”, I would seriously say, smile, put your head down and continue doing your work….with Passion. But please don’t follow….your passion.

Loy Machedo

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