The Workout Plan Guaranteed NOT To Give You Results!

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Think about this.
You are 42 years old.
You are not one of those hardcore, wash-board-abs, spartan athlete.

Rather your definition of fitness is watching a 2 hour movie at the cinema while munching on a salted popcorn with a nachos + cheese + jalapenos, a nice bar of snickers ice-cream followed by a healthy Red Bull.


Sorry to burst your bubble but this is me — a simple, ordinary, day-to-day guy who loves to enjoy his life.

So given that I am not one of those Ketogenically modified mutants who eats only green leaves & chicken breasts and more green leaves, let me share with you an ordinary format of do-able exercise which will guarantee you NOT to lose weight and NOT to transform you into a pin-up model with a toned body. But will make exercising fun, do-able & easy.

So here is my 3 day-on / 1 day off exercise schedule with a few tips on how you can being your exercise journey — my way — the lazy man’s way.


  • Long Distance
  • Slow easy pace
  • I opt for a 3 kms distance which I complete in 20 to 25 minutes


  • Medium Distance + Medium Pace
  • Run X distance + Walk X Distance
    For example — Run 100 meters then Walk 100 meters
  • I complete 1.5kms
  • Takes me around 20 minutes


  • Short & Intense
  • I mark 50 meters
  • Sprint & complete 50 meters
  • 10 push ups + 10 squats + 10 burpees
  • Walk back to the starting line
  • Complete 10 repetitions


  • All the above exercises have a 5-minute warm up period of walking & stretching & 5-minute cool down period with walking & stretching.
  • I always do the exercise 1st thing after waking up & having my morning espresso (I wake up late — VERY late)
  • As an added motivation, I take a photograph or video & share it online and get my ‘virtual’ reward & motivation from well-wishers (and insults from haters)
  • I do this in the afternoon when it is the hottest time of the day
  • I always tell myself to make it easy and fun. The point is to enjoy the journey.

Nothing complicated.

Very easy.


Oh by the way — I also listen to my educational audio Mp3’s when doing the exercise — via Blinklist — which gives me a book summary in 15 minutes. I am able to complete one book per day.

Now isn’t that a lazy’s man smart way to Mental & Physical Health?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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