The Ultimate Job Interview Question That Can Get You Any Job In The World

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In my blogs I have posted 81 basic Interview questions that most Interviewers ask while selecting a candidate. Most of them start as vaguely as “Tell me something about yourself” to the thought provoking ones ones “What are the 3 specific instance where you showed leadership qualities — yet failed?” to the tricky ones like “Give me 3 reasons why I shouldn’t employ you?

However, in all my years of training candidate for Job Interviews — one question stands out among the rest. It is the Ultimate Question among all Interview Questions. And if you know the answer to this one question — it will get you any job in the world.

So what is the Ultimate Question?
The Mother of All Questions?
The Question of all Questions?

Here it is….

Why should I employ you when right now, outside the door, I have 10 other candidates all who are better than you, smarter than you, more educated than you, with more experience than you, having more expertise than you have, having a better track record than you have, having better recommendations that you do and who have asked me for more or less the same or even lesser the overall package that you are asking for? Why should I employ you and not them when they are 100% better than you? If you are in my place — whom would you select?”

Get the answer to this question and if you can create the content that can convince the CEO of any company with your answer — trust me when I say this buddy — yours is the world to tame.

Loy Machedo

PS — Took me nearly 10 years to finally get the perfect answer. And today I can tell you without a doubt — it is the world’s best answer.

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