The Toilet Seat Of Creativity & Focus

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I doubt anyone has claimed the rights to this thought-provoking principle, so allow me to claim the intellectual rights to “The Toilet Seat of Creativity & Focus”.

And just like anyone can coin a term like “THE LAW” of Attraction, let me also call it “THE LAW” of The Toilet Seat Of Creativity & Focus. Sound more like Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd shouting “I’m the LAW”

Alright, so now what is this “Toilet Seat of Creativity & Focus”?

Ever noticed that whenever you take a book or newspaper or notepad + pen to the toilet, you are not only able to focus incredibly well on the content of the medium you are taking with you, you are able to literally focus 100% into this task? And this is EVEN THOUGH the conditions are less than ideal?

I man seriously, come on, do you ever imagine having a picture of a leader or expert, thinking of life changing consequences or Nobel peace prize winning ideas… in the toilet?

No, of course not.

You would think of such a bespectacled person standing next to a blackboard with something cursive scribbled with a chalk with tons of books , papers, pens, an apple and a Sherlock Holmes like demeanor — which Hollywood kind of ingrains in our minds. Or something like Having 9 super large flat screen monitors stacked with a 3x3 frame to give you the indication — this is a super hacker seated here who is going to change the world — although the Batman one with nearly 100 screens was better. I have always wanted to be something like that — not the professor one but Tom Cruise Minority Report Touch Air-Screen kind of researcher.

However, given that I sit in a small humble room, I know that is far from reality.

So coming back to our ‘toilet’ topic….the fact is, we always have images of incredible backdrops that are in sync with education, learning, leadership & success. However, the fact is — great ideas, focus and creativity doesn’t place in these places. It takes place….in a toilet.

Why do I say this?

Because that is the one place in the world

  • NO ONE would want to come in (for obvious reasons), that is the one place,
  • NO ONE would disturb you and
  • YOU wouldn’t think of doing anything else other than….. well other than doing THAT one thing (which anyways doesn’t need much of grey-cell computation) and maybe another 1 thing.

So given that you cannot move, you cannot watch a movie, interact with another human being, talk, chat or entertain yourself — the only option left, is to give 100% to whatever it is you are doing.

And that is where IF (and big IF) you do not take your smartphone with you.

So are you searching for a cost effective place where:

  1. You do not have to spend money on an overpriced coffee to sit and read a book?
  2. You do not have to spend hours and hours traveling in your vehicle to get peace and quiet
  3. You do not and will not get disturbed by anyone when you are doing your thing?
  4. And a place where you get the best ideas, focus to your best capacity and come up with the best and most creative ideas?

I would say there is no other place like….. (Drum Roll)…The Toilet Seat (Of Creativity & Focus).

Where do you think I got the idea for this incredible article?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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