The Silence Before Success

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You see success stories of people, individuals & celebrities and it looks amazing. You watch them surrounded by people, you notice them being heavily in demand, you see the fame, popularity & respect they enjoy.

It looks amazing.
It feels incredible.
It sounds unbelievable.

Here’s the deal — you are watching the end product and you are feeding out the best parts of the story. What you are not looking at is the process that lead to the result.

Let me share with you an insight into the process which leads to the result.

In 2011, when I started my journey to finding out my true calling….this is what I went through for years….

  • No one would pick up my phone, respond to my emails or want to meet me.
  • I would days and nights all alone wondering how would I pay my bills, what would I do next and how would I survive the next day
  • I would call other people, the experts, the giants of the industry and request them for guidance
  • There were days and nights where I would just lie down looking at the ceiling wondering what was I doing and if what I was doing was right
  • I would keep trying one thing and another thing and another thing just to see what would work and where I could get some response or client or money
  • No one believed in me. I had to believe in myself.
  • There was tremendous stress, sleepless nights, silent tears, uncertainty about the future, and the voice of doubt if what I was doing was right or wrong.
  • So many days I would live off on eating noodles and cheap foods just to cut down on costs.
  • I had to literally live on other peoples favors and kindness for anything and everything.
  • I took up odd jobs from being a driver to helping with basic tasks just to earn some extra money. There was no job I wasn’t prepared to undertake just to survive.
  • Free advice came in plenty as to why whatever it was that I was doing — was just plain wrong.
  • I had to dig deep, keep silent and just focus on doing work.
  • I seriously didn’t know if what I was doing was right or wrong. All I could do was hope and find out what worked and what didn’t work.
  • There were lonely nights and moments of solitude where I had to sit silently and just do work.

I did this for many many weeks, many months and many years.
It was only after the successes started to pile up — one after another did people sit up and take notice of me. And from then on success, money, fame, recognition and respect started to follow.

Its strange when I look at it now because I find myself yet in that state once again as I go ahead to reinvent myself, rebrand myself and rediscover me. But it is those moments of solitude, of silence and of self-discovery that form the basics foundation to what finally proves to be the end result.

If you are able to endure this phase, these moments and this grind, then you can endure anything in the world. Just realize — this is the reality that no one talks about, no one posts on social media and no one shares.

Only you live with them.
All alone.

Loy Machedo

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