The Shortest REAL Inspirational Story Ever

or #loymachedo shares with you moments that people do not see.

It is 12:08 in the night.

I slept early because in the morning I have to take my wife to the doctor for her monthly pregnancy check up. And because of this checkup — my entire day would get wasted (On the island of Koh Samui, it takes an average of 6 hours of standing/sitting outside).

As a normal individual, I could also choose to give excuses and those silly f**king justifiable reasons to explain WHY I couldn’t work.

Sadly that is not my style.

So what other option other than waking up the whole night and studying and working my ass off?

This is what people do not see of so-called “Successful” individuals.

  • The burning of the midnight oil
  • The sacrifices of wanting to be at the top
  • The obsession to one’s vision.

Like I always tell people — if you can outwork me — you too deserve to be the best. If not — forget trying to even dream of being like the legends of our time.

It is very easy to dream big.

Stop dreaming big.

Start doing big.

Want inspiration?

Want to be an Entrepreneur?

Want to be Rich & Successful?

This is it.

Drinking a Red Bull from Thailand that says “Product of Europe” while sitting in my underwear alone in a forest in Thailand listening to tracks from Andrea Bocelli — working for the next 8 hours all alone where no one see, cares or is bothered about.

Inspiration & Success doesn’t get any more real than this.

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Loy Machedo

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