The Shocking Tale Of This Scary Marriage

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Nitnipa Nakoon - 25 Year Old Thai Girl Married Loy Machedo — 40 Year Old Man

Nitnipa Nakoon is the name of a 25 year old Thai Girl from Ubon Ratchathani. A simple farmer girl. She is the innocent little girl on the left.

Loy Machedo is my name. I am the Ugly, Scary, Evil looking guy on the right.

Now, you must be asking the same question I have myself countless times when looking at this picture. “Did this girl actually marry THAT guy??? Are you serious??? Why???”

Well — I’m sorry to say but yeah she did…And to make the long story short — this is what happened.

I met her on a matrimonial website. And within 3 seconds of connecting with her on skype — the first question I asked her was “Do you want to marry me — Yes or No?”

For a minute there was silence.

She just looked at me totally shocked. Stared at the phone for a few seconds. And then burst out giggling.

She laughed and laughed and laughed. And then she asked me in the most innocent manner “Why do you want to marry someone like me?”

I was too busy to chat — so I gave her an ultimatum — “If you want to marry me — Yes or No, let me know, otherwise I am not interested.”

She looked at me calmly, patiently and lovingly. I kept typing furiously on my keyboard. And then after a few seconds, she responded “Okay. I will marry you”.

And just like that — within 3 days of physically meeting each other for the 1st time — we got married. And that was that.

We got married in a very simple ceremony. The marriage took place so fast that no one in her village had even time to spread the news. And by the time everyone in her little village came to know about it — we had already gotten married.

No sooner the word got around, everyone started to inquire about me and my history. Given that I was — as the people in the village put it “An google superstar” — everyone googled my name, checked my facebook profile and did a ‘background check’ as they would call it.

I didn’t know about this commotion until 2 days later after the marriage — when I woke up in the morning with my wifey and went to have breakfast with the family — I noticed my mother-in-law was extremely weak and fragile. And then to add to that — my Father-in-law, who just 2 days ago was full of happiness and excitement — wasn’t even looking in my direction.

There was a certain lull in the atmosphere.

I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong and so I asked my wifey to check it out. And since she was going with the mother to the hospital, I guessed, she would come to know what was wrong.

My wifey came back home in the evening with her mom. Her mom went straight away into the house without saying anything to me. While my wifey motioned to me for us to go to our temporary residential quarters.

Once there, the story unfolded.

Apparently, while we both were busy spending time with each other, the villagers made it a point to inform the mother & father that I was:

  1. Part of a dangerous Mafia gang that kidnapped young girls in Thailand and sold them to Bars & Illegal Prostitute Centers
  2. A hardcore addict — cigarettes, alcohol and drugs were substances I couldn’t live without. And I would get ‘high’ on illegal substances.
  3. I was Satanic, Evil and a Master Manipulator.
  4. And the most horrific part — I would beat people violently — until they would either be hospitalized or dead.

As I listened to all this, I just chuckled to myself.

All this nonsense was nothing new. In fact, even during my days in Dubai, UAE — the National Media itself labelled me as “The Anti-Christ” and even had a youtube video documentary about me addressing this claim.

I just asked my wifey what did she think.

My poor little village wifey, cupped her hands on my face and told me in her broken English “I see you eyes. I know you good man. My heart say you good man.”


Today it has been 6 months since that incident.

My wifey is pretty much safe.

I haven’t sold her to any Bar or illegal Prostitute Center.

Given that I have never touched cigarettes, alcohol or drugs in my life — The only thing I did get high on — is Learning & Studying. And the only thing I am addicted to — is my Brand.

As far as being Satanic, Evil or even “The Anti-Christ” — I guess I do not have time for those roles as either I am too busy playing Candy Crush in my free-time or trying to get a new score on Plants versus Zombies on my iPhone.

And as far as beating her — the most violent that I have gotten at home is when I had to scold my ferocious blood thirsty hound (check down below for his picture) with a loud “NO” because he has once again found it necessary to pee near my computer desk to mark his territory. I hate that. But given how he shows me his sad face and big beautiful black eyes, I allow him a free pass for yet another day.

So the point I am trying to make to you is this.

Whether we admit it or not — we all (me included) judge others, form opinion about others and evaluate them based on a certain fixed criteria. And this is a harsh reality of our world.

How many times have you judged someone by how they look? By the color of their skin or their nationality? Agreed — there may be a few common traits between people who are born & raised in a common culture, religion or country. However, can we generalize the entire population for it?

Yes, I do understand that my appearance does invite negative connotation — after all, Hollywood Heroes do not have Facial Tattoos. They look handsome, have a 6-pack, blonde hair and yes, have a cute face. And of course, the heroines also look hot, sexy, seductive while having an impeccable and spotless character.

And maybe that is why, even today when a local Thai person looks at me and my wifey, when I am not around, they always ask my wifey in the local language — “How is this man? Does he take care of you? Is he violent? Does he drink, smoke, do drugs?” To which my wifey, just smiles and informs them of what I and how I really am.

So now here is my question to you.

Should we all blend in, follow a strict set of rules how we should look, act, behave, talk, walk, interact — so that we remain all ‘the same’? Or is it time to accept diversity, creativity, & variety? What are the standards by which someone can be prejudged as good or evil? Nice or not nice? Trust worthy or Distrustful? And how can we all agree on a Universal Set of Rules? Is it even possible to have such a uniform set of agreements?

I suppose these question would be a matter of an endless debate. And an answer we all stand in need of.

Until then, I will leave you with a shocking picture of the evil me, my innocent wife surround with my wild blood thirsty beasts….

Me and my little family.

Good Night.

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