The SECRET to getting 1 Billion Views & 100 Million Followers on Youtube

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Sometime ago, I had an individual who booked a Skype session with me to take my advice on a Career move. The gentleman as usual was very polite, courteous and flattering at first with his greetings. Following his pleasantries, he lead me into his big question. Rather let me correctly state it as his agenda — He was currently working as an Information Technology Engineer and he wanted to switch over to being a full-time youtuber, blogger and online coach. So naturally, I asked him why?

His answer was (and I am paraphrasing):
“Loy, you inspired me through your videos and through your blogs to pursue my dreams in life.” So then I asked him, “So what SPECIFICALLY is your dream in life?”

He replied “I want to get 1 Billion Views & 100 Million Followers on Youtube.” And then he added “And that is why I paid you money for your services.”

I listened to what he had to say and after he finished speaking, there was silence.

Now in case you are not aware — we were having a video conversation. And my habit as a coach has been — if you talk, I type as this helps me grasp and focus on each and every word the person says.

So as he was speaking, I was busy typing. And once he stopped speaking — I stopped typing. And then there was silence.

And then there was more silence.
And then some more.

I kept waiting for him to continue speaking but he stopped. And when he finished, I asked him — so that’s it? And he said — “er…yeah. So aren’t you going to tell me something?”

I asked him what did he want me to say and he replied “You are the coach, so tell me what do you think?”

Straight away I gave him 2 options.
I asked him if he wanted me to tell him the truth or give him some sweet talk. To which obviously he stated he wanted ‘the truth’.

And so I told him that his dream was stupid, this idea was idiotic and his strategy — well, there wasn’t any. To which he immediately told me, “Of course I have a strategy.”

So I asked him to state his strategy.

And so he went on tell me how he would start making youtube videos, getting more views, subscribers and more views and more subscribers and then eventually he would make money to make his dream come true.

So then after listening to all that blah blah blah — he once again asked for my feedback and I told him “No, its not going to work.”

He asked me why and I told him the same thing.

Finally, getting fed up, and this time visibly irritated, he let me know explicitly “Listen I did pay you this money to listen to this crap of what I can and cannot do. YOUR JOB is to give me a strategy.”

He asked me to give him a strategy and so, I told him, “I want you to complete 6 steps and after you complete the 6 steps get back to me and we will move towards your Billion Views Goal.”

He agreed and I gave him my 6-Step Target for the month.

  1. Create 100 videos along with its content, description, title, tags and thumbnail.
  2. Ensure every video is properly edited & presented flawlessly
  3. Get 100 subscribers
  4. Focus on getting 10 comments per video
  5. Ensure you get a like per video per person
  6. Ensure 10 people share each video on their social media feed

He was still irritated with me for laughing at his ‘new ingenious idea’ however, he thanked me and that was it.

To my surprise, he booked my session after a month. Eager to know his progress, I confirmed the session.

After the normal pleasantries, he got down to the main agenda. Apparently, his youtube channel wasn’t doing as well as he thought it would.

I asked him details. And this is what he had provided me:

  1. Out of the 100 videos — He had managed to create 21 videos in total
  2. He had over 47 subscribers
  3. Initially he had 4 to 5 comments per video. But after a few videos, no one commented.
  4. No one shared his video on their social media
  5. And ever new video he was putting up, the interest, the engagement and the response was getting lower.

And so now, he was feeling lost.
And now he wanted to know what I would recommend as his NEW strategy.

Once again, I laughed. I guess I shouldn’t have because this time round he snapped at me. And he let me have it.

He let me know he wasn’t paying me money to mock him, make fun of him or act like I knew it all. He wanted a strategy and that is why he was paying me money.

And so I gave him my strategy.

  1. Create 100 videos along with its content, description, title, tags and thumbnail.
  2. Ensure every video is properly edited.
  3. Get 100 subscribers
  4. Focus on getting 10 comments per video
  5. Ensure you get a like per video per person
  6. Ensure 10 people share each video on their social media feed

Once I finished telling him this, he was even more angry and irritated. And then he let me know “Loy, I didn’t pay you to listen to the same old Bullsh*t. I want a strategy on how you succeeded. And you are not helping.”

I then stopped my ‘notes taking’ and I looked at him.
There was silence.
I took a deep breath and then I gave him a dose of reality.

He said goodbye to me and I haven’t heard from him ever since. The last I checked, he didn’t have any more new videos, any new articles and there was no sign of a breakthrough in his newly chosen career.

So what were the lessons or points of wisdom I shared with him, which I can share with you for free?

Here are my top 7 nuggets or SECRETS which I shared with him which I aptly titled “The SECRET to getting 1 Billion Views & 100 Million Followers on Youtube”.

    Being online as a youtuber, blogger or online coach is not a casual pursuit. If you are looking at it as a career, then treat it like one. Give it 12 to 16 hours a day of work, dedication, research, money and time. It is impossible to succeed in one of the most over-crowded, competitive and crazy market place — that too where entry is for FREE and where the entire world has millions of new entrants every single day and a Billion choices. You think you are going to suddenly become the next superstar in such a crowded platform?
    I always recommend having a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D in case the initial plan doesn’t workout. But if you are constantly looking at all the possible exit strategies right from day one — how do you expect success in your chosen career? Its like going through college to be a Doctor but looking at Engineering, Commerce and Arts at the same time as a plan B. Never works.
    You need to give yourself some hardcore, pressurizing and uncomfortable targets. When I was on Quora, I pushed for 50 answers every single day while doing my other Personal & Professional duties. What people don’t think about is that those 50 answers took 8 to 14 hours of my time. Imagine having to put 8 to 14 hours of your time for the last 6 months. Are you prepared to do this? And what people don’t realize is — I am a human being. I too have temptations, I too have bad days, I too feel lazy and there are even days when I don’t feel like even sitting in front of my iMac and posting another article. But I gave myself a target of 10,000 answers and I kept pushing myself even when the going got tough. And I did this every single day irrespective there were likes, shares or comments.
    I want you to imagine this. You give 14 hours a day to contribute value based answers on a website — around 50 answers per day. You research each and every answer and you ensure that none of the answers are posted just for sake of getting another score. However, when you look at the community response — you notice only 1 or zero likes per answer, and that too answers which were well thought of and strategically created with research. And then you compare your answer to some chocolate looking boy who would post “I’m hot and you know it” to receive 50,000 likes & shares. Or a young woman posing a picture of her bulging assets to receive 100,000 views and 89,000 likes within a 24 hour time slot. You seriously question yourself as to what is the point of all this effort. And that is where you need to dig deep inside you to find your purpose of doing whatever it is you are doing. You complain about office politics & the rat race? Well, get ready for an even worse off experience!
    Being successful online is not like preparing instant tea or instant coffee. The problem with today’s generation is that they look at Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) with his 17 Billion Views or 54.1 million subscribers and think — “Oh wow, why not me?”And this is where I let people know:
    A) YOU my friend are not PewDiePie
    B) PewDiePie was the right guy, at the right place, at the right time doing the right thing. And just because he got lucky doesn’t mean you will get the same luck
    C) You do not look like him, you do not sound like him, your personality is not like his, your background is not like his and your situations is not like his. So how do you expect yourself to be like him?
    D) PewDiePie is an exception to the rule & not the universal law
    E) And finally, you can compare yourself to anyone by saying “but what about X, Y or Z who got 1 million followers — here’s the deal buddy YOU are YOU. YOU are NOT them.
    The reality of the matter is no one has figured out the magic formula for being successful other than giving vague statements like ‘work hard’ or ‘be creative’ or ‘add value to your customers’. All these authors from Robin Sharma, to Deepak Chopra, to Richard Branson, Tony Robbins to Tim Ferris will give you the same old advice that your dad, your mom or your grandparents could give you. Its all rehashed material presented in a creatively different manner but yes, with a very jazzy, engaging & interesting format.
    However, here is the tragedy of the whole thing —they are not giving this advice to help you become rich. They are giving you this advice so that you pay them money for them to be rich. (Read this sentence again)
    If everyone worked very hard, if everyone put a lot of creativity and everyone put time, effort and money — who would finally be the Number 1? No one has an answer to this question. Now you may say “Oh, I do not want to be number 1 or have a billion views” — well guess what — it is not crowded at the top. It is crowded at your level. And even if you lower your goals — life is not going to be any easier.
    Last if not the least — don’t get into this industry if you are looking to be famous, rich and successful. All those are by-products of luck. Get into this industry only if you love what you do. And what do I mean by this? Let me give you an example. This is my 11th year on Social Media. When I started off, I didn’t have any viewers, followers, strategy or vision. I just did it because I loved it. Even today, I am not relevant in the Social Media or Internet landscape. I have enough subscribers (6K) and total views (2 million views) for nearly 4,000 videos & articles. This is a matter of shame to be honest because now a days newbies come up online and in one video — just one and they end up with 100 million views and 1 million followers. However, my agenda and focus is very clear — I am doing this as a means to earn my livelihood. And most probably I am never going to be part of that Elite crowd who manages to churn out the millions of dollars. But guess what — I am prepared to be part of the majority, the normal everyday boring folks who just do barely enough to pay their bills. However, I matter to the few — very very very few who pay me enough to survive through the month. I am very realistic about my goals to be online. And I am by no means going to get carried away by one person who is featured in the media. That too one in 7 Billion. I need to keep these odds in mind and be realistic about life.

End of the day, I want you to understand one thing.


There is NO secret to success, there is NO hack to making a million and there is NO guarantees in life. The chances of you failing is 99%. While your chance at succeeding in any chosen field is just that 1%. Yes, you may make it through the early rounds, however historically, it is a proven fact that there will always be a shelf life after which you become irrelevant.

So if you can accept this reality and these unfair odds, then go for it. However, if you are planning to be the next big thing or expect this to be a glamorous option B to your already boring, mundane and monotonous life — you are seriously mistaken.

I have been in the game long enough to know one thing — end of the day, this is just another job. And only if you love what you do — do it. But remember — only love or passion never paid anyone’s bills.

So even if you enjoy the highs of receiving attention and the dopamine effects of meaningless fame — great. But at the end of the month when your electricity bill, your water bill, your parents medical expenses, your loan and its interest, the grocery expenses & the expenses to survive through yet another day come into play — you will question yourself and ask yourself “Seriously man, what the fuck am I doing with my life?”

And it is there you will have to wake up out of your dream world and face the reality of the real world. And there no motivational book, no productivity hack and no “7 secrets to success” will help you.

Lets so bullshitting ourselves and get to down to reality.

Money pays our bills.
Lets stop dreaming and make some money.
And once you achieve your millions and yes have a healthy bank balance — well, then we can relax and start visualizing and dreaming all these magical thoughts of greatness.

Its time for all of us to stop being dreamers. And start being practical, realistic & yes, use common sense.

Loy Machedo

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