The Principle of 2 Crappy Pages Per Day

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I love listening to Tim Ferriss. His contribution to Bio-Hacking, Productivity Hacks & Peak Performance are second to none. In fact, if you want to listen to something that will make you think and re-think your life — you must listen to his Podcasts or watch some of his videos.

In one of his productivity podcasts — he spoke about Productivity, Procrastination & Paralysis due to Perfection. In this particular talk — he mentioned how sometimes we like to achieve such a high standard of doing a particular task — that we end up not doing anything at all. And personally speaking — I can relate to this Analysis Paralysis.

For instance — right now — it is 7:14am.
I had woken up at 12:15am after sleeping at around 8pm.
The reason?
I wanted to do my creative work of blogging & vlogging for multiple channels. In fact, I even had a specific target here for my article on medium — 10 articles today.

However, even though I had written out the topics I would write about — by the time I completed my 10th youtube video upload, my brain was fried. I was tired. 2 days of non-stop video creation left me slightly tried.

So as I sat down at my workstation to write down article number 2 on Medium — I had hit a wall.

I wanted to write something — anything — but nothing would come out. Then I remembered what Tim Ferriss had said. And I am paraphrasing — “There is no such thing as a Mental Block. Mental block occur only when you have created such a high standard, that you are even scared to take the 1st few steps. So what great writers do is — instead of thinking of writing a masterpiece — they give themselves permission to write 2 crappy pages per day. Not 25 or not even 10. But just 2 pages. And to that — 2 crappy pages per day. Now, for a great writer — writing 2 crappy pages is easy. So why not?”

And with that principle of 2 crappy pages per day — Tim Ferriss created his best selling masterpieces — The 4 Hour Body, The 4 Hour Work Week, The Tools of Titans and now Tribe of Mentors.

I think Tim Ferriss is absolutely right because when we do this — we at least move forward in creating and crafting progress. Instead of sitting down and wonder — how in the world would we create another masterpiece.

So the next time you feel completely paralyzed with fear or finding yourself suffering from analysis paralysis or you just can’t type even a single word — do what Tim Ferriss stated “Just write 2 crappy pages per day. You don’t have to use those pages. But just write 2 crappy pages. And that would solve your problem.”

Oh and guess what — I finished my 2 paged crappy article.

Not bad right?

Loy Machedo

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