The ONLY Secret To Becoming A Successful Blogger!

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I woke up this morning.
Freshened up.
Had breakfast.
Went into my office-room with my espresso.
Sat in front of my iMac
And wondered — what should I blog about today?

I was blank.

So I opened the Chrome browser,
Logged into my Medium account
Typed the heading “The ONLY secret to becoming a successful blogger!”
And then I stared at the blank screen wondering…..

What is the secret to becoming a successful blogger?

Isn’t it as simple as….

  1. Having an attention grabbing headline
  2. Writing an opinion
  3. Keeping it short & interesting
  4. Having an apt ending and finally
  5. Posting it?


Why complicate life so much?

Loy Machedo

PS — Got another 4 more articles before I complete my quota for the day.
Smart right?

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