The ONE BIG SECRET TO SUCCESS that everyone knows… but doesn’t follow

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Everyone wants to know the SECRET to success.
Who doesn’t?
Every person I speak to, interact with or consult wants me to tell them THE SECRET TO SUCCESS….. After all, wouldn’t it be great to know THE SECRET TO SUCCESS?

There are so many SECRETS that Authors, Writers, Trainers, Mentors, Coaches & Guru’s have shared. They never end. One after another the list gets updated. In fact, if you refer the self-improvements books of today — they are even more so populated with so-called ‘scientific data’. Now how much of it is true or false, that is left to be seen.

Given that I am forever reading new books, new material and checking out new educational programs, I suppose this journey will never end. However, I have ONE BIG SECRET TO SUCCESS which I want to share with you. And this secret — well, is MY SECRET TO SUCCESS.

Now I am not going to assure you 100% success but I can assure you one thing. It will constantly bring you one step closer towards where you have to reach.


That’s it.
Everyday doing SOMETHING instead of NOTHING.

Wait… wait… before you just switch off — let me make it a bit more specific.

Now read carefully….

Doing SOMETHING instead of NOTHING.

Did you get it?

Alright, to make it more specific and explicit — here is what I am trying to tell you….

Instead of running 10 miles to keep fit — WALK 10 steps
Instead of writing 10 world class articles — Write 1 shitty crappy article
Instead of reading 100 pages of a self-improvement book — Read 10 lines.
Instead of doing 100 pushups — Do 1 push up
Instead of doing a 30 minutes meditation — Do 1 minute meditation

Do you understand now?

Here is me sharing a confession with you…..
There are days when I totally suck, I feel absolutely useless, hopeless and UNcreative….I mean its horrible. I seriously wonder how would I survive if I cannot discipline myself to achieve some world-class results and show something really ‘world-class’? After all, my moniker is “The World’s #1 Personal Branding Strategist!” — then how can I suck? how can I write a crappy article? how can I upload a shitty video on youtube?

And that is where I remind myself — ‘SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING’

I can tell you without a moments hesitation that after I upload a crappy article or a shitty video, I will be ripped to shred by my critics, my haters and my trolls on Social Media. They will make fun of me, mock me, ridicule me and let me know how worthless I am.

And then…. there is that other voice that lets me know “SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING”.

AT LEAST I am putting something out there
AT LEAST I am sharpening my skill
AT LEAST I am taking one-more-step forward, even if it is not a perfect step
AT LEAST I am doing something…..

And that makes me better than most others who do not do anything. And this is the mentality I keep and the attitude I maintain every single day when I wake up.

My pushups are not perfect or many but they are AT LEAST one.
My meditation is not long but AT LEAST it is 5 minutes.
My breathing exercise is not 30 minutes but AT LEAST it is 5 minutes.
My exercise is not 10 miles but AT LEAST it is 10 steps.
My youtube video is not edited professionally or world-class that brings in 1 million views but AT LEAST I upload 1 video that gives me 100 views
My article on medium is riddled with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but AT LEAST I posted one more article than the majority who prefer not putting anything — simply because it is not perfect

And because of this, I have grown over the period of time, I have changed, I have improved and I have become better.

In fact, even this article is the result of that principle & philosophy of my life — Doing SOMETHING instead of NOTHING. And I do this SOMETHING — something small or something insignificant every single day. And that is where my CONSISTENCY comes into play. And that is where my success comes in.

As I conclude, I want to share one small little conversation I had with my wifey a few months ago.

You see, we have a plan to build a house of our own, a place we can call ‘home’ — which we will live in forever and call OUR home. However, the project is going to be expensive. And given my many commitments, it is not something I have ready cash for.

My wifey has told me many times that we need to have the millions in our bank account to complete the house and the millions that we would have to keep in hand as we build the house. So that is where, I told my wifey, “Lets do this. Every week, I will give you a small sum of money for our house. It will not be big but it will be a small sum of money. And you also whatever money you have for shopping or the money you receive as change, lets keep it collected in a box and deposit into our bank account — which we will create separate. And this will be our House Project Fund.”

The good thing is, now instead of having that 1 million target, we have broken it down to the small amounts, the small bits of change and the small savings we can make and put into our account every single day. Some days it is hardly a dollar, and some days it is more than 10, but it is ‘something’. And today, the amount is growing and we can see it grow.

So what I am trying to tell you is, if you too want to achieve success in anything in life — forget if you will get the 1st place or you will actually reach your goal. That is something you and I cannot predict. But what you and I can predict is the small, tiny, little incremental bits we can do every single day CONSISTENTLY. And those small, tiny, little incremental bits grow and become bigger and bigger — until one day they take shape into what you hope for it become.

I guess that is exactly how my career was built, how me and my wifey are planning to build our house….and yes, how I managed to complete yet another article for Medium.

Work’s doesn’t it?

Remember — SOMETHING is better than nothing and SOMETHING CONSISTENTLY is better than just something once.

Loy Machedo

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