The Most Powerful Advice My Mentor Ever Gave Me

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There are Critics & then there are Creators.

To be a Critic is very easy — just sit and criticize everyones work. Point out everything the person is doing is wrong. Expose everything you feel are the ‘dirty little secrets’ of this person and make sure you do not stop until you crucify this person. And once this person is destroyed, go ahead and find another creator.

However, to be a Creator is very hard. Very very very very hard. But if you have done it — then you are part of an extremely elite group of people.

That is why you will get the ‘has-beens’ and the ones who are not at all relevant in society or the real world of success who will criticize you, make fun of you, put you down and tell you how things should be done.

Funny thing is, they were not relevant before you. They will not be relevant after you. But their own goal in life will be to put you down and try to shine or be relevant by taking in your light and glory.

Use those people to shine brighter as they are giving you valuable feedback where to improve, how to improve and how much to improve upon. And through those critics, step up your game to greatness.

If someone literally takes his time or effort in thinking to put you down for no rhyme or reason, you can be sure that you are someone worthwhile for this person to stand in awe , watch, analyze and study. It is normally the person’s inadequate, lonely, boring and mundane life with no recognition, respect and reward that leads them to become a critic. After all, isn’t it easier to make fun of someone while they have done nothing themselves?

The Creator is one who will spend many lonely hours thinking, analyzing, researching and experimenting new ways to achieve greatness. He will sacrifice years and years in solitude. He will burn the midnight oil every single night. He will endure the pain of walking down the path no one else has walked before.

While the critic will be spending time with his family, friends and futile crowds of low-level thinkers enjoying life. And when they are suddenly bored with nothing else to do, they will start to sniff out whom to harass, make fun off or try to put down. It is a indirect way for them to be a bully and sound relevant.

The Creator is the one who enjoys the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. The Creator is one who may lose everything and be destroyed. But the Creator is also the one who will not only achieve greatness but become even more powerful, richer and successful. And maybe in turn leave a legacy. But the Critic will be nothing but a leech who sucks on and lives on the blood of his host.

The great point before making a choice?
The values you will teach your children.

The Creator will teach his children to move towards even bigger, greater and more powerful avenues of Greatness & towards Self-Realization. But the Critic will give birth to even more insecure, ordinary and boring off-springs of nothingness and mediocrity.

Oh yeah, and the ones who are even worse are the ones who attack others in the cloak and guise of “anonymity”. The lack of courage, the lack of proper upbringing, their lack of values, their lack of integrity & their lack of self-respect makes them brave behind a keyboard or while hiding behind a screen. These are the same people who will not even stand by their own children, parents or loved ones even if the lives of these people were in danger. They like to believe they are good. But like religious apologists who give lip service to their creator and then commit all the dirt in the world — they are the biggest hypocrites. And the ones whom I call the real ‘snakes-in-the-grass’. They are the real evils of society. In fact, they are so sinister and evil, they can cheat their own loved ones to profit from it — while trying to portray to the world — they are good human beings.

So my question is to you is this — what do you wish to be?

A Creator or Critic?
Because you make the choice, that is what you will remain forever and ever.

Make your choice wisely.

Loy Machedo

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