The Most Cringeworthy Statement on Facebook

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The other day I was browsing facebook and a post appeared on my newsfeed. It was a new post from the group I was a member of “Bariatric Surgery”. The post showed a woman who had just completed her surgery but now developed complications. And she posted a picture of her stomach that was bandaged, along with a blood soaked bandage. And in the post, she informed everyone that her surgery didn’t go as per plan and now she would have to undergo another surgery. However, in the end, she posted this statement “Please pray for me.”

I checked the comments section and found around 117 comments with statements like:

  • Sending prayers your way
  • Praying for you
  • May the power of XYZ be with you
  • Sending a prayer right now

I read those 117 comments and I visualized…..

EXAMPLE NUMBER 1 of the 117 comments

  • Sam was in the office doing work
  • In a moment of distraction, Sam picked up his smartphone to check his facebook
  • Sam saw this picture of this woman
  • Sam read the update
  • Then Sam knelt down next to his office desk
  • And prayed for this woman whom he never met for 3 minutes
  • After he prayed for her, he faithfully checked his phone again
  • Searched for this particular update — which now much have disappeared some place else
  • Found the specific post
  • Went to the comments section
  • Updated it by letting her know “Sent prayers your way.”

EXAMPLE NUMBER 2 of the 117 comments

  • Sally was in the Gucci store at a shopping mall checking her smartphone
  • She saw & read this update of this woman
  • So since she didn’t want to create a scene, she went to one corner of the Gucci store
  • She sat down on a sofa reserved for customers
  • She closed her eyes and prayed for 2 minutes is silence
  • And then she checked her smartphone and let this woman know that she “prayed for her”

So now we had 117 people who made sure that they:

  1. Stopped whatever it was they were doing
  2. Dedicated the 1 minute to 3 minutes to this woman
  3. Prayed for her
  4. And then let her know that they prayed for her by updating her “Sent prayers your way”.

So here are my questions:

  1. What happens when you send prayers someone’s way?
  2. If sending prayers someone’s way did work — haven’t we found a cure for climate change? the religious extremists who are killing other innocent people? the billions people have lost due to fraudulent deals?
  3. And since god is one and god hears our prayers and that we also have achieved incredible miracles through these prayers — do we really need to worry about the policies of Donald Trump? or the Middle East crisis? or say Market Recession?

In fact, isn’t this the solution to all our problems since ‘sending prayers’ is so powerful?

However, for someone like me (Clue: I am an Atheist Skeptic), who has experienced death, betrayal and failure to the extreme — These facebook updates, this human ignorance, & inhuman amounts of stupidity is something that has no cure — absolutely none.

It is as silly as when my Thai wife tells me not to kill a spider or drive away a lizard in the house because she believes the spirit of the lizard or the spider will negatively affect my unborn baby. And it is as silly as people writing “God bless you” on facebook — instead of focusing on doing their work for which their employers pay them money.

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As I sit and type this article, I wonder what happened to that lady who received 117 “sending prayers your way”. I suppose the celestial powers which were inter-connected through this facebook account guided the blood vessels, the DNA & the doctors hands to skillfully & magically heal this woman and make her complications go away.

In fact, I wonder why did she even have to go to the doctor the first place when all she could have done was posted her big stomach picture on the Group and ask everyone to pray for her stomach to reduce? Wouldn’t that have been cheaper, more cost effective and easier on her?

Before I used to make the mistake of wasting my time trying to reason out with these people. Now, however, when anyone tells me, “Brother, Please pray for me” — I immediately type “Sending prayers your way” — while watching BBC Robot Wars episode on my iMac, eating a nice slice of cheesy pizza and sipping on my Red Bull.

After all, telling people to have hope and keep the faith is only a keyboard & mouse click away.

Loy Machedo

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