The Innocent Thai Girl Who Married The Devil Of Dubai.

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Can anyone in their right mind contemplate why a 25 year old, 40 kgs, spiritually simple Thai girl (left) would marry this hideous, ugly, fat, bloated, satanic looking, 108kgs overweight, 40 year old tattooed freak?

Sometimes even when I look at this picture, I cannot understand why. Simply because the girl on the right is Nitnipa Nakoon married the guy on the right, Loy Machedo — that’s me.

There are moments I ask myself and even my wife — seriously, why did you marry me? And all I get is a giggle and a hug.

Well, let me fill you in with a few details that make this combination highly unlikely.

About my wife:

She is a simple, hard-working, selfless, forgiving, loving, caring, spiritual girl who never had a boy-friend and wasn’t interested in men. She never touched alcohol, cigarette or drugs. And she never went to any parties, nightclubs or bars. She just believed in helping her mom and dad in the rice fields. She is young, she is beautiful and she is full of life.

About me:

Foul-mouthed, vulgar, arrogant, self-centered, selfish, self-promoting, boastful and an Atheist. Someone who had cheated on all 3 of his wives, had over 450 sexual affairs, who tattooed himself from head-to-toe, hated being around with people, broke off with his family and relatives, was very controversial, vocal and loud. And never believed in doing anything for free. And added to this — I was over-weight, ugly and not very nice to be around with.

So why in the world did my wife even approve of me? To ensure, she would tell me the truth and that I would inform the world about it- especially since I would constantly get questions — I even created a youtube video and posted our conversation LIVE

In fact here are couple of shocking facts that maybe no one knows:

  • My wifey’s real name is Nitnipa Nakoon which means “Beauty Of Light”. But in English, everyone calls her “Annie”
  • We met on the Thai dating website. Best part — until then almost every other website had give me zero responses to my profile.
  • Shaadi which is an Indian matrimonial website had rejected my profile picture stating I wasn’t allowed to upload celebrity pictures claiming that it was my own
  • Shaadi which is an Indian profile and me being Indian myself — Well, I got zero matches and zero responses while on the Thai dating website, I got over 5,000 responses
  • I would send over 100 emails a day without seeing whom I was sending it to as I seriously didn’t want to read what anyone had to say about them. After all, I knew whatever people wrote was their own ‘goody-two-shoes’ evaluation of themselves and none of it was a true reflection of their personality. And yes — just like the format I follow on emails — I copy/pasted the same template to everyone
  • Out of the 5,000 responses I received, I sent all of them a list of Questions, Terms & Conditions of what I wanted, what I was looking for and who I was. And in that I also made it clear that
    - I wasn’t rich
    - I wasn’t going to offer any money for marriage (in the Thai tradition, the man has to pay the woman’s family out of respect — a marriage dowry)
    - I didn’t smoke, drink, or socialize and wanted a woman who was the same
    - The woman after marriage had to work and I wasn’t giving her easy money
    - I was the boss of the house and the woman had to follow my rules
    (No one liked my rules I suppose as the 90% never responded back)
  • Out of the ones who agreed to it, I would just chat with them in a very normal manner and from all the rest — I finally zeroed it down to 6 women.
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  • I ended up selecting one — but that woman cheated me of 100,000 Thai Baht and ran off and so I was back to square one. Best part, we had literally announced to the world world we were getting married and she even tattooed my name on her chest to prove it that she loved me. Even after that, she ran off — an act I could never make sense off.
  • Finally, I managed to get one girl whom I knew was the right one for me. She was going to arrive in a months time.
  • However, 5 days before she was going to arrive, I bumped into this girl on my Facebook messenger. She had sent me a friends request, and even though I had accepted her request, I never chatted with her.
  • And in the strangest coincidences of them all — instead of meeting up with the girl whom I was supposed to get married — I ended up meeting Nitnipa and getting married to her. Strange right?
  • By the way — the biggest shocker — I saw her on camera and in 3 seconds I proposed to her if she wanted to marry me or not. She not only got a shock of her life — she ended up saying yes. And within 3 days of meeting each other face-to-face for the first time — we got married.
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Now when I asked my wifey, Nitnipa why did she get married to me or why did she say yes to me, well these were her reasons:

So in every way, shape and form, I was the total opposite to whatever she had imagined. However, well get got married.

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But if you thought the story ended there — well you are mistaken again. AFTER we got married, apparently everyone in the village informed her mother and father that:

It was so bad, that they literally refused to send her with me and for us to go back home. So, what was the solution?

The Elder Sister & her husband accompanied her with me to my residence — just to be sure that she would be safe with me.

Once they inspected my residence and realized there was nothing to worry about, well they left. But not without creating a group on LINE (app that most Thai people use) where they would constantly send her messages to know if I was good to her or not. Seems that someone once again let the family know that I was ‘putting on’ an act of being nice (she told me about this group man days later).

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Today it has been 7 months since our marriage. My wifey is very much alive. Best part — she is also pregnant with our 1st baby. So not many horror stories there. Apart from my constant obsession to my work and my mood swings where I do not like any noise when I do my work — there are no other horror stories to share.

The only other exciting thing for the both of us is that — well tomorrow — 16th January 2018 is her birthday. And 13 days later is mine.

Given that I do not believe in all this Birthday BS, I have seldom if ever celebrated my birthday. But given that she is a young woman still in her 20’s I may think of some simple yet private moments to make it and keep it special. However, it will remain private and personal.

But when I look back at our moments together, especially how we met up, I have nothing but surprise and awe at how she was able to look through all my ink, all the rumors about me and all the negativity even I told her about me and still accept me.

In fact, even today when I ask her “Why did you say yes to marry me?” she very sweetly replies in her broken English “I see your eyes. You have good heart. You good man.”

Don’t know much about that part. But all I do know is that I am indeed very lucky to have a woman who truly loves me and who by any standards of the word ‘perfect’ is truly my perfect fit and my perfect partner.

So for whatever it is worth, I am just lucky to have found True Love. And yes, celebrate the 1st ever birthday of my wifey — Nitnipa Nakoon with me.

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Happy Birthday dear Wifey from your dangerously devilish husband….

Loy Machedo

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