The Guaranteed Solution To Fighting Distraction (AND) Enhancing Focus

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This is one of the biggest problems or challenges I go through every single day.

The minute I sit down to do creative & thought provoking work, immediately creative & thought-provoking distractions seem to spring out of each and every place.

It starts off with my smartphone making me aware of notifications from:

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Youtube
  • Line
  • Gmail
  • Skype
  • Instagram
  • SMS

And then you also have other enjoyable distractions like that from Games that let you know the upgrade you were waiting for has finally arrived. All in all, I used to receive close to 2,000 notifications per day.

I guess at first it used to be Desirable, later is proved to be Distracting. Today I find it Destructive to my brand & my work. But its a necessary evil as I need them.

Like for instance today, after browsing through the ‘muted’ notifications, I found I have missed 2 important clients. One was a bit upset that I didn’t respond to a urgent query of his. The other one was a new client who wanted to know what were my charges like (Even after sending them to my website so many times, I still wonder WHY do they still ask this question.)

And if you thought, these were all the distractions which were available, well think again.

You have youtube, facebook and every other social media and media related website churning out new content making them not just addictive but necessary for you to click — who know what you may miss out.

And then even if you succeed in having self-control, the minute you take a break to sit down for a few minutes on youtube — you end up sitting down for hours together.

On top of this, you also have your body and mind playing games with you. The body, well you get hungry, you get thirsty, you feel tired. And where the mind is concerned, you tend to have fleeting thoughts, ideas, desires and yeah, who can forget excuses.

I mean seriously, if you think about it, wasn’t life meant to be simpler?

So now, what can I suggest as the 5 tips, 7 strategies and 9.5 methods to achieve 100% focus on work with stress free distraction? Or another amazing HACK (as most of my followers call it) that I can suggest?


In fact, this question was asked to me by my client who is currently completing his Harvard Education. I was kind of amused that even someone at that level, of that calibre and that achievement can feel just like you and me.

So I told him the answer — which kind of shocked him.


I gave him a shocking answer that left him speechless. And though he paid me money to get my advice, I am going to give it to you for FREE and leave you shocked and speechless.


And the solution, strategy & system is… (drum roll)…..

  1. NO

Yup. Thats it.

I am sure you must like “????????”

Well, let me make you understand.

Do you remember the days when you were a small boy and you asked your mom if you could go and play outside and she said NO! or when you asked her to buy you a chocolate in the supermarket, and she said NO! or when you asked her for a new toy, and she said NO!

Remember that?

And no, not the kind of very polite, poetic & ‘child-protection’ policy compliant ‘no’ that today’s parents give when trying to teach their children how to be an adult while talking to them AS IF they were an adult (yeah right) and then they have to spend the next 1 hour explaining to the child WHY they are doing what is right for the child…..(I seriously find that so ridiculous).

I am talking about the good-old-fashioned “NO!” that was so strong, powerful and earth-shattering, that if you challenged that powerful word “NO!”, you had some strong hands that would either spank you, yank you or tank you to one corner of the planet with Sticks, Slippers & Slaps raining down on you.

I am talking about that “NO!”

That “NO!” meant “NO!”. And no matter what you did, that “NO!” would never become a “Yes”.

So imagine, if were still a small kid and it was your mother whom you were negotiation with to have access to your Smartphone or you were trying to switch on the computer to watch youtube — that too when your exams were on — what do you think your mother would have done?

Well, I don’t about you mate, but my mother would have taken a bamboo cane and given me a “NO!” without even uttering the word. It would all be communicated through ‘the sound’ of the stick.

That “NO!” was a perfect NO.

So when I am about to do any important work that occupies the same level of importance of intensity — I imagine it is my mother standing outside my room and me as a small child. I surrender my smartphone, my internet connection, all the distractions that would distract me from my work and lock myself in my room for the next 3 to 4 hours with a cup of espresso and a box of crisps or biscuits. And until I complete my target for the next 3 to 4 hours — I do not under any circumstance leave my room or allow that smartphone device inside my room or the monitor to be switched on.

That is.

There is no other solution on this planet my dear friend.

Look, you can have all these innovative and amazingly polite sounding strategies and tips on how to kill distractions. But I do not know of any other effective method than of say “NO!” to those devices & distractions that result in me wasting my time.

So when it is time to work — my smartphone, my ipad, my tablet, my gaming device — everything and anything that will distract me from my goal is kept OUT of my room and OUT of reach and SWITCHED OFF until I complete the 1st three to four hours of productive, creative and thought-provoking work. And only and only after I complete the target and agenda for the day — only then do I move on.

Trust me when I say this — when you are locked up in a room with no other option to anything — Focus become easier. And depending on the project, I have done this from 4 hours to even 1 full week.

And this technique has helped me immensely as a Freelancer, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Student & Productivity Focused Individual.

Like they always say — out of sight is out of mind, all you have to do is say “NO!” to 4 hours of your time and give 100% to your work. That’s it. And I’m pretty sure nothing in the world will distract you from doing your job.

Seriously, give it a try and let me know how it goes…..
(Hmmm…. I wonder if my reinforcements on Dominations has arrived?)

Loy Machedo

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