The Fallacy Of Being A Quora Celebrity

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I know, I know…. this yet another Rant on Quora. So don’t mind me. If however, you want to read it, go ahead. If you don’t, well read it anyways and let me know your thoughts.

Yesterday, I had one of my Quora & Facebook followers who proudly posted on his facebook “Finally managed to achieve 1 million views — A dream come true. I was finally able to share this achievement with my parents. No one believed my content would go viral. But together with you my followers & fans, we will achieve greatness. Get ready for (his name)2.0

Out of curiosity, I checked some of his questions & answers and he had shared his thoughts on marriage, divorce, sex, success, coaching, stress & entrepreneurship.

Now you must be wondering, what exactly is my problem here?

Let me give you his reality.

His mother works 2 jobs each to make ends meet. And his father — well, he left them. They live in a shanty part of the town. And him? Well, he is a high-school lad, 14 years old and is now apparently planning to drop out of his school.


Because he has finally “realized” he has the potential to become a “Viral Super Star on Quora”. The poor lad doesn’t know that the views, upvotes & followers on Quora — even if it is in the BILLIONS is worthless. He is now planning a strategy to become viral on Youtube and make money through youtube.

Now obviously, you next question would be
“So how the hell do you know all this?”

Given that I was a “Quora Celebrity” (once upon a time with 54 Million views that 55,000 ‘followers’ which I “earned” in 6 month) He asked me for my advice on tips, tricks, strategies on how to become a “Quora Celebrity & Quora Superstar.”

I gave him a heartfelt advice but I kept it brief. I warned him that this so called “Superstardom of Quora” or “Quora Celebrities” are only “Superstars” on the Quora platform. They are not visible any other place. In fact, the majority of people do not know who these people are.

Which is why you will see ONLY on Quora….

  • Individuals who claim to be Billionaires on Quora have Patreon accounts asking for USD $1 donations for their content,
  • People who claim to be CEO have time to answer over 100 questions per day (which roughly takes 4 to 6 hours per day) related to teen sex, fun, pleasure & relationships
  • And yes, young children like this — who instead of focusing on their careers are now addicted to a new Social Media Fad — getting likes, shares & views — which seriously, unlike youtube which pays money — amounts to nothing on Quora.

In fact, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has asked this one simple question:

Why is it then when the SAME person, with the SAME logic, the SAME communication skills, who uploads the SAME content on his blog, on Medium or even on the Largest Social Media Site in the World like Youtube — which has the most reliable analytics in the world to measure views & traffic — over here on youtube they achieve say 1,000 views on youtube versus 100 million views on Quora? 4,000 followers on youtube versus 100,000 followers on Quora?

Why is there NO MAGICAL VIRAL SPIKE on Youtube which has a very reliable method of measuring views? Why ONLY on Quora?

Why is it NO ONE is asking this question?

The fact is that Views on Quora, the Upvotes on Quora & the Followers on Quora mean nothing. Most of them are kids under the age of 18, some of them as 9 year olds. And given Quora’s aggressive policy to spread in the Indian Market, the majority of the population is now from India with young teenagers who want to sound important, become ‘celebrity’ stars and join the likes of a Logan Paul, hopefully have Billions of views and become the next big thing. And that is exactly why Quora is fast becoming a Cesspool of Chaos, Crackpots & Celebrity-Wanna-Be’s.

Before concluding this article, I decided to check this young man’s account once again and right now apparently he has posted a picture…. a picture of him standing a bit far from the camera, with his arms outstretched to the skies with the quote “If you can believe it, you can do it” and yeah — follow me on my Quora account to get tips, tricks & strategies on Success, Entrepreneurship & Life. Oh yeah with the tagline “Quora writer with 1 million followers”


If only this poor would listen, which I doubt he will. And just like Facebook’s addiction is today fast become a dangerous reality for our children, websites like Quora are becoming toxic platforms where they give you the illusion of knowledge and where a mere worthless opinion is given the importance it shouldn’t be.

This is what happens when you give both the young and old, smart and dumb and intelligent versus the ignorant, equal rights & a equal platform to express your thoughts.


After I spoke him and shared what he basically “didn’t want to hear”, we parted ways. And not surprisingly, I found out I had been deleted from his friends list.

Interestingly he posted another update soon after the date of our conversation which read……

“Don’t go around asking the people you admire. Sometimes they are jealous of your potential and success.” and then he was kind enough of post a hashtag #fake #coaches #tattoo #freak #jealous #oldmen

Oh well…. I guess I must getting too old for this online Celebrity stuff….

Loy Machedo

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