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I have been a Quora user since June of 2016. And ever since I had a young Quora prodigy guide me on how to use Quora — including offer me Tips, Tricks & Strategies, I have been active on Quora 8 hours to 14 hours a day.

You may wonder why am I so addicted to Quora or why am I so active on Quora?

Let me run down the key benefits of Quora that I have enjoyed:

  1. 500% subscriber growth on my youtube channel
  2. 500+ recommendations on my Business Page
  3. 1,000+ New Facebook Contacts
  4. 1,000+ Whatsapp contacts
  5. Over 30+ paying clients, 12 big well-paying clients including 1 VIP business client.

But, this success has not come in easy. It has required me to dedicate 8 to 14 hours of my day — every single day.

However, it is not the hard-work that is the problem here. There is something else that I want to bring your attention to. And that is the Dark Side of Quora No One Talks About. And even if they do — not many voice it out.

Let me share with you the Dark Side of Quora.


Everyday when I wake up in the morning….I receive something like this.

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894 Notifications in One Day!

Soon you start getting into the flow, the followers increase, the upvotes increase and the dopamine levels in your brain shoot up every single day in the morning when you receive a notification that states:

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  • 100,000 people viewed your X answer
  • 12,000 people upvoted your Y answer
  • 35,000 people are following you now

And when you log into your Quora account you get……

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Figures like…..

47 Million views with 5.8 Million Views this month!

I mean seriously — wouldn’t that make you feel incredible?

All of a sudden, hopes, dreams and aspirations of becoming the Next PEWDIEPIE with an Annual Net Worth of 12 Million USD start shining in front of my eyes.

I start dreaming of having a Lamborghini in my garage and telling my users on youtube — it is not this Lamborghini that is the secret of my success — it is KNAWWLEDGE that really matters. And if you want to achieve my lifestyle of having a USD $100,000,000 house with my humble private jet with those beautifully rented models who are drinking champagne with me — earning millions in passive income — all you have to do is sign up for my FREE course which I will give you for FREE — only fill in your details — that’s all. And once people do that — I offer them a USD $9,999 course for USD $67.

I start believing in Rhonda Byrne’s Secret — that if I can visualize it, if I can affirm it, if I can touch myself repeatedly — money will flow through the quantum universe which has now aligned itself to my 7-powerful chakras.

And all this hope, this dream and this amazing confidence — is thanks to Quora. Because Quora made me realize, I am special. My opinions matter. My answers matter. I matter.

And thus — I become its addicted contributor.

I will seriously admit here — it is VERY ADDICTIVE, VERY SMART & VERY INGENIOUS on the part of Quora to make its platform give its users a great high.

And that very strategy they adopted to a new Market called “India”.


Every since Quora began its aggressive market expansion plan to dominate the Indian Market — they have literally taken onboard hundreds of thousands of Indian hopefuls on to its platform. And if that wasn’t enough — they did something they really shouldn’t have done — The made the joining minimum age for Quora as 13 years.

All of a sudden the flood gates of users opened up. From hundreds, suddenly Millions of users jumped onboard the Quora platform. And you are not just talking about normal users — You are talking about high-level engagement, highly addicted and exceptionally dedicated users whose life purpose was to ensure they would get some importance, some publicity, some spotlight, some guidance and some success on a Global Website.

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Now imagine this — you are on youtube posting videos — but you get only 5 views and 1 comment. You post a compelling news article on your facebook — you receive 15 views and 3 comments. And then you work very hard and post a very intelligent article on your website and you get a bleak 3 views per day with no comments.

But now — you wrote 10 causal lines on Quora and to your shock and surprise, you got 10,000 views and 3,000 upvotes (or likes). It baffles you.

You begin to ask yourself….

  • How in the world did you become so smart? So wise? So intelligent? So gifted?
  • Do you also have what it takes to become “The Next Big Thing” — The next “Viral Sensation” of the Internet world?
  • Are YOU the Chosen One???

All of a sudden, this new found fame, followers, views, comments — this attention, the popularity, this hope of sorts gets rekindles in you and you once again believe “YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE.”

After all your mom, your dad, your friends, your teachers and no one around you gives you any likes, any comments and any importance — but on this virtual platform YOU are AN EXPERT! YOU matter! YOU are THE REAL DEAL!

The dopamine hits you, the excitement envelopes you and the addiction begins. And everyday you keep posting one answer, after another, after another hoping… repeat your next GANGAM STYLE hit!

Now what is so wrong about this?

You have hundreds of thousands of Indian youngsters who are asking questions, seeking answers & trolling people senselessly.

Almost every single day I am bombarded with questions like:

  1. What is the Hack to:
    (Mention area of your life)
  2. What is your view on:
    (Latest Trending Topic)
  3. What 5 books should I read to:
    (insert what you want to become here)
  4. What is your advice to a:
    (Mention the age group here)
  5. I am:
    (mention a classification like Extrovert, Introvert, INTJ)
    What do you suggest to:
    (State a result you want to achieve here)

And if that wasn’t irritating enough, you also get questions like:

  1. I have something green oozing from my (body part). Why?
  2. My (body part) is (mention something horrible). What do you recommend I do?
  3. My (boy/girl friend) dumped me. I want to suicide now. What should I do?
  4. My parents say (something), How can I (state action)
  5. I want to (state what you want). What do you recommend is (use a action verb)

And on top of all this you also get requests for

  1. Money,
  2. Personal or Professional Favors,
  3. Free advice,
  4. Mentoring or coaching
  5. Anything else

And I am not joking — this is EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Which is why I even uploaded this video

But then — what is the biggest and most dangerous trend among all this? Let me show you a snap shot so that you believe me.

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The Threat

Now this is a message sent to me on my Skype messenger by a very popular and famous Quora Contributor.


Because in my whatsapp group, I asked a question about how does this Quora user being a Multi-Millionaire have time to answer so many questions on Quora.

No sooner I had asked this question — someone who he has sent to spy on my groups apparently told him that very minute — and almost immediately — he sent me this message — letting me know he would “Kill Me” or he would send “his henchmen” to kill me.

I am not joking. This is NOT a made up story.

Now think about it — what makes a normal, average internet user from the United States — a family man want to go to this extreme that he would actually give “Death Threats”?

Think about it.

What makes someone go to such an extreme?

The problem is people literally and I mean literally believe in their hype, their so called ‘Internet’ Stardom and their fame online — even though — all of it, is just virtual.

And because of this today, we have people doing all kinds of obnoxious things on the internet — from lying about who they are, how much money they have, to giving death threats to people.

And this is all because of the Addiction to Social Media.

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Conclusion — So what’s next?

On 2nd January 2018, Youtuber Logan Paul apologized for taking a video of a deadman hanging from a tree.

Apparently, he found that sight so shocking, that he was able to joke, make fun, laugh and mock the dead human being who was lying helplessly on a tree.

That deadman had a family.
That deadman was someone’s son.
That deadman was a human being like you and me.

However, let’s for a minute forget that Logan Paul made that video. Lets for a minute forget he mocked, made fun of and found this video funny. In fact, let’s even forget that Logan Paul’s Japan video made him $90,000 despite what he did.

I want you to ask yourself this question:

  • What made Logan Paul WANT to create such a video?
  • WHY does Logan Paul keep pushing the limits?
  • How does our planet create such characters with such behaviors which are today a common place?

The answer is the addiction & lure of Social Media.

Today, more than ever before in the history of Mankind, has everyone on the planet gotten addicted to their smartphones & their internet connected devices. And it is because of the smart strategies laced with the state-of-the-art technological advancement, armed with the information of Neuroscience, Human Behavior and Human Weaknesses that makes these Internet Companies so powerful.

They have not only data, but information that they can use for their benefit and against you. And along with this comes the lure of fame, the temptation of money and the want to be “The Next Big Thing”

Logan Paul did whatever it took to ensure MORE views, MORE followers, MORE publicity, MORE money and MORE fame. And at the end of the day — he achieved whatever he set out to do.

This however, has given our youth a message — a VERY DANGEROUS message. And the message, well can be translated & understood by different people in a different way but the underlining principle is — Do whatever it takes to succeed online, make money and be famous. That is the only thing that matters to today’s youth, today’s public and today’s user.

Why do you think the 15.7 Million followers of Logan Paul have literally stated hashtags like “logan_you_are_forgiven” to “spreadloveforlogan” to “forgiveloganpaul”.

Simply because he is cute, he is handsome, he is good looking and he is rich. And he is successfully doing what all youngsters secretly wish to do — The Dark Evil Deeds & feel good about it.

In fact, even youtube and Google don’t mind this — simply because Logan Paul is still there, he is still making money and his channel is garnering Billions of views and Millions thanks to Advertisers. And as long as this remains — companies will keep pushing for more of such “attention grabbing” antics.

I wasn’t surprised by how this gentleman behaved. Simply because he, like millions of other users are so addicted to the fake world of Social Media, the so called virtual fame, virtual followers, virtual views and virtual success, that they are ready to go to any length just to feel, believe and stay relevant. And until society, governments and yes, the corporations do not put a stop to this — I doubt this problem, this addiction & these evil deeds will stop anytime soon.

So until then, since we cannot solve the problem, I guess it shouldn’t be wrong for me to ask you for 50 claps, 1 comment & 1 share on your social media — right?

After all, shouldn’t I also make some “billions” online too like my other sinful friends?

Loy Machedo

Written by

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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