The Dark Side Of Being A Personal Branding Strategist

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Yesterday, a young man from Europe who paid for one hour of my time, asked me this interesting yet amusing question “How can I become like you?”

I asked him what did he mean specifically when he stated “become like you?”. To which he replied — You know….

  • Work whenever you want
  • Work with whomsoever you want
  • Be your own boss

You know….the romantic bits of being a Location Independent Freelancer/Coach.

Oh yeah…. and before I forget to mention….
“Earn Big Money”

So….I listened to him.
And then I asked him…
“But my friend, are you aware of the dark side of being a Personal Branding Strategist?”

He responded in a very childlike manner ‘No’ but a ‘No’ that was yearning to know more. And so, I told him the Dark Side to being a Personal Branding Strategist.


So what exactly is a “dark side”?

The dark side is the part of the story or the side of the coin that no one talks about or prefers to see. Or what a salesman who sells you a product doesn’t talk about.

    Do you know this is a common place in the consulting world?
    You would be surprised to know that the majority of the top notch, the successful and the rich consultants reach this pedestal because they play with the loopholes in the system.
    Take it from me buddy — if everyone was 100% honest — no one would become a consultant because it would be impossible to survive as one.
    Proof of the Pudding — If all religions told you the truth — religions would stop existing.
    There are days or weeks at times when you will not get any business or any client. What do you then? Can you force someone to take your services?
    Your competition is never another “Personal Branding Strategist”. It is everything else. For instance — The new iPhone launch? Guess what — the client may say he doesn’t have the money to pay for your consultation but that same client will borrow and even overspend on his credit card just to ensure he gets his hands on the new toy. And I am not even joking.
    How many videos have you seen of a coach or consultant sitting in an expensive overpriced luxury Rolls Royce or Lamborghini, showing his super expensive apartment or villa, private jet, hot babes while swimming in the Bahamas?
    I am pretty sure — many.
    And why do these individuals do this?
    Because bullshit sells.
    There is a sucker born every minute who falls for this pipe-dream. Even today, so many seek the SECRET 67 or 9 or 13 step formula that made this guy (who apparently) was sleeping on his parents couch to earning a 7-figure income.
    So paying this guy USD $997 to learn how to make $1,000,000 annually seems like a good deal right?
    However, if the guy would tell you the truth and be honest by stating “This course will help you make $10,000 I earn through affiliate marketing and pay my bills” — would buy from the same guy?
    Think about it.
    I just bumped into a facebook advertisement where a coaching institute had a facebook advert. In that they featured a western blonde woman with really big breasts making sure her cleavage was very “tactfully” put on display while she spoke about aligning you “chakras” and teaching you the ancient “tantrik” healing spiritual laws of success — all for FREE….(ever heard of an email sales funnel?).
    And once you clicked on to her FREE training program, she would give that 3 hour video in exchange for your email address….And then teach you the “advanced” chakra & tantrik (trick) program which you can attract “limitless” potential… for $97 only.
    You must be wondering — how many suckers fall for this kind of crap?
    Well guess what my friend — the owner of the institute makes over $300 million annually selling this nonsense.
    How do I know it?
    Don’t ask.
    This is one thing NO ONE and I mean NO ONE wants to hear. Earning big money is all a matter of Luck — the right guy, at the right place, at the right time, selling the right product, to the right target audience and at the right price.
    You can argue with me all you want until you turn blue.
    Just forget arguing with me — make 7 figure income for yourself and if you can do that — you have proved me wrong.
    Until then — my theory holds true — for the majority.
    If you are not rich — nothing you say — even if its the wisdom of Christ — will not be respected, appreciated or accepted. But if you are really rich — everything you say — even shit — will be consumed as rare priceless nectar.
    - Why do you think all these so called Coaches like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardon, Dan Lok & ….. (Fill in the blanks) show themselves to be “rich”?
    -Why do you think when Jack Ma says “hard work, take risks, have a winning team” — people give a standing ovation? Why did he say something you never heard in your life?
    - Why do you think so many on Linkedin profiles are that of CEO’s or Directors or have Fancy yet exciting destinations but in real life have the personality of a Frog and whose net-worth is no better than building watchman Shambu?


On the Internet and in the Social Media world

  • Every young girl suffers from Duck Face Syndrome
  • Every young boy is a Keyboard Warrior
  • Every woman is beautiful & perfect (Courtesy Instagram Filters)
  • Every man is intelligent, successful & has character (copy/paste motivational quotes)
  • Every idiot will “pray for *insert cause*” as his FB update (Yup god is working miracles courtesy your update)
  • And every Coach, Consultant or Course will help you make reach your goal because apparently his “other” students made 6-figure incomes, are living the 7-figure life and living a “Life of their dreams”…oh and did I forget “limitless” thanks to the alignment of their “chakras”… all you have to do is “CLICK HERE” for a “FREE” Webinar (worth $997) + Seminar (worth $853) +PDF (worth $49)….. well….need I say more?

Its all fucking work my man.
Nothing BUT work.

Personal Branding Strategist is just a fucking title.
End of the day — its me doing Step 1
Step 1 = Marketing & selling my services, expertise & experience as a Freelancer online
When people buy my services — I get paid.
When I get paid — I buy essentials.
The extras — I buy fun stuff.
The rest — I save for a rainy day
Once the service is done — Rest & Repeat Step 1

So in other words
You sell your services
You You make money
And to make money, you need to work your ass off.

How’s that for a free lesson on Personal Branding?

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PPS — I’m serious.
I accept donations.

PPPS — Hey jackass, are you dumb or what?
Should I spell it out for you?


Welcome to the world of reality my friend.

Loy Machedo

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