The Cult Of Trolling — Why Do People TROLL?

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What is easier
To create a masterpiece or criticize a masterpiece?

What is easier
To go out there in the field and prove yourself or sit in the spectators stand while shouting and screaming how to play the game better?

What is easier
To lecture other people on how to live their lives in an exemplary manner or to walk the talk?

Even though the answer is obvious….
do you know how many do this?

Consider this example…

Watch how cricket or football fans who watch the players play will shout, scream and tell the players how to play the game better to the point they even insult them for playing a bad game.

Its as if they are the pioneers or founding fathers or the greatest sports players themselves….but none of them — not a single one can play 1% of what these players play — even if their life depended on it.

In fact, if you were to interact with today’s Social Media generation today, you would be very disturbed and concerned.

Today’s Social Media generation (both young and old who have just jumped on the Social Media Bandwagon) have the following characteristics:

  • They watch a few youtube videos
  • They listen to a few podcasts
  • They read a few best selling books
  • They go for a few bombastic sounding seminars & workshops
  • They memorize a few interesting science based terminologies
  • They garner knowledge of how SEO, Instagram, Facebook & Google analytic work
  • They join a few smart-sounding groups on Whatsapp & facebook


They have now become an “EXPERT” in the Science of everything and anything. And armed with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, CPU, internet connection & social media accounts — now they can attack anyone and everyone because in the virtual world — everyone is equal.

Think about it….

To give an example consider these 3 personalities.

Rajan is a receptionist for a trading company.
He earns the basic USD $1,000 salary for 14 hours of work.
He is in his 40’s.
He is out of shape, physically unattractive, not at all interesting and intelligent. In fact, no one in his company (where he works) takes him seriously at all as they know him for years. He is just all talk. And his professional profile is zero.

But when, Rajan goes online, he is the sex-symbol of the ages.
Where in the real world, he wouldn’t have the courage to even look at a woman, in the internet world he is able to approach women who are far beyond his league….. with absolute ease!

He browses through pornographic sites and when he is completely turned on and out of control — he sends end indecent sexual pictures to them and even ask them for naked pictures of themselves. It gives him a high knowing he can do all this… In fact, sometimes when he is lucky — he gets a response from some person online (bot or not — well thats another story)

After all — who is going to catch him?

Tom is a 14 year old pimple-face kid who is a classic introvert. At school he get bullied by everyone. He has a small group of friends but who are equal nerds like him and the most brave thing they do together as a group — is walk past beautiful girls trying to look ‘cool’ hoping that they would at least turn around look at them.

However, Tom has to go home on time or his mother will give him a spanking. And yeah — the last thing he would ever want is his dad to be alerted. After all — who wants to face the wrath of an angry Father?

But when he goes to a video gaming parlor to play games with his friends, he suddenly transforms into this Dangerous Diabolical & Demonic Dominator whom you wouldn’t want to cross paths with. He and all his little kiddy friends use such vulgar language that even stand-up comedians who love vulgarity would cringe with shame. They become larger than life and they very freely abuse, threaten & verbally bully anyone and everyone whom they challenge — even grown up adults.

After all — in the virtual world what is the worst that can happen for abusing a guys mother & telling in sexually explicit terms what you would do to his father & family?

Mordon Giller is a fat old retired man who has been through a rather tough life. He was once upon a time a very rich man but today in the autumn of his life he is just another ordinary guy trying to make ends meet. He has a simple website company that sells websites and he manages to make the basic average income and survives.

However, online on Social Media websites he changes his name & position himself as Successful Billionaire Tycoon. On dating websites he targets Asian women by letting them know he has not only the Western Citizenship but also billions in terms of money & property.

So where in the real world he is a nothing and nobody, in the virtual world he has 500,000 followers — mostly from the Eastern or poorer countries who hope that they can get into the good books of this “billionaire”. And almost all of them shower him with praises, compliments & kind words — including the women who hope that this old man can be their ticket to a better life.

After all — doesn’t it feel nice to be so special and so respected — and relive those memories & fantasies of the past — especially when today you are a nothing and nobody?

All the three examples I have shared with you may possibly match with someone you know. And the reason for this is because this what I share with you — is actually happening on a wide scale. Because of my large networks that span over 11 years online, I personally know more than 10 people who can fit into each bracket. But the message here is not to pin-point “This guy X is like this” or “X fits the bill because her story is so similar”. Rather it is to make you understand — it is these incomplete individuals who form the core & the crux of today’s Internet & Social Media world.


A few days ago, I posted a video with regards to the infamous ‘Duck Face” that so many youngsters share online.

I loaded this video to highlight how today’s generation is nothing but a blind follower of what is popular and what brings about more attention. In fact remember the Kiki-Challenge by Drake?

I spoke about it too and why today everyone was just jumping on this bandwagon blindly.

The problem is today we live in a day and age where what is popular, what brings in more attention and what the masses consider ‘cool’ is what everyone would be more than happy to follow. But just as the millions who follow illogical beliefs & superstitions are not right, everyone who buys & believes the Internet Bullshit need not be right.

I seriously feel the Internet & the Social Media at its core is being used for what is totally useless, pointless & senseless. And nothing you or I say or do would make them think otherwise — unless of course you can show $1,000,000,000, a Lamborghini, a few Hot Babes, a Private Jet & “how to make 6-figures in 6 weeks” secret technique.

So until then, we would have to live with these brave souls whom I call ‘The Internet Keyboard Warriors” who will talk big, write bigger & brag the biggest bombastically badass statements of bravado & braggadocio. But in reality whose backbone is bankrupt with nothing but buckets full of buzzwords & bullshit.

I for one, choose to entertain myself with these idiots by trolling them for a change.

Isn’t that easy?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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