The Controversial Ugly Business Card That Changed My Life

I stood there sheepishly and stared at the the computer screen.

The graphics designer was seated on the chair, his fingers floating a few centimeters from the keyboard, waiting for me to blurt out those few words so that he could type the content out and then go for his lunch break.

I looked at him. I looked at the computer screen. I looked back at him.

He turned to face me, irritated with his black thick rimmed glasses as to say “Er…buddy, I haven’t got the whole day”.

I then gestured to him to handover the keyboard — which after venting out a frustrating sigh — he just stood up in a rather irritated manner as to let me know “Yeah right another clown — let’s see what magic you come up with.”

So I sat down… nervously.

I took a deep breath.

Closed my eyes for a few seconds.

And then — as if I was transported back in time — I remembered, reflected and recollected….The dark memory of the attempted suicide.

I opened my eyes.

I was in the zone now.

Pissed. Angry. Enraged.

Immediately my fingers danced across the keyboard.

Fast. Furious. Feverishly.

The graphics designer stood there watching… I sat down there typing.

A minute later, I stood up.

The graphics designer slowly sat down.

He looked at the screen. Looked at me. Looked at the screen. And then said “Er…you…you want…you want this?”

I said yes. I want this.

He sat down, adjusted his black thick rimmed glasses and let out a sigh so as to say “Either this guy is nuts or…is he nuts?”

I looked at the screen, pissed, angry and in rage as I was still in the zone — as he completed adjusting the font size, spacing and alignment on the computer screen.

This time — I was in charge. I was telling him what I wanted. And I was firm about it.

He didn’t say a word. He didn’t even let out a sigh.

I was in the zone — remember?

Once it was done — he gave a print command and then handed me the draft copy for my final approval.

I approved it. And signed off for 5,000 pieces to be printed.

Finally, after a week, my business card was ready. And as I went to pick it up.

The graphics guy met me at the door, looked at me, this time he smiled and said “I’ve kept a copy of your card. Its..…er…..its different.”

I smiled.

He smiled.

And then I opened the box to look at my official business card.

It was me alright — Just like me.

Just me — Controversial, Communicative & Charismatic.

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And this Controversial Ugly Business Card became the turning point of my life forever.

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