The Bullshit of Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency & Success Stories

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Are you 100% sure?

This is the question I ask today’s youngsters when they talk to me with fancy words like:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Cryptocurrencies
  3. Freelancing
  4. Running an Online Business
  5. SEO, Social Media, Internet or Web Development

And with that will piggy back statements/questions like:

  • Mr. X invested USD $100 in 2009 in X scheme — today he is a Multi-Millionaire
  • But Richard Branson, Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college…
  • My Passion or My Dream is DJ-ing, Photography, Dancing, Singing, Cricket…
  • Can you tell me the Hacks related to Productivity, Creativity, Business
  • Which top 5/10 books would you recommend for (fill in the requirement)
  • What advice would you give a (insert age) year old?

And finally, you will get them telling about:

  • The new best seller book which they read
  • The blog they visited
  • The youtube video they watched
  • The new educational Mp3 they listened to
  • The seminar/coaching program they joined

Sound familiar? Know anyone?

Given the amount of information overload that is spread online don’t be too surprised if you hear a 14-year-old asking you which Nootropics cocktail he should take to enhance his cognitive functions.

I know this because I deal with people — youngsters to oldies alike on an everyday basis from around the world on how to become successful to how to make millions of dollars before the age of 25. Sorry — correction here…How to make a BILLION dollars before the age of 25 and how to make money EASILY.

For some strange reason — today iGadget generation didn’t read the memo that:

  • You will not succeed
  • You are not smart
  • You are not special
  • You are not as good as you thought
  • You are wrong

Seriously. Please explain to me:

  1. How will you become successful in business when you have zero experience working for someone? when you have zero life experience? when you can’t even draft your own Resume? Oh yeah — and the fact mummy & daddy are paying for your expenses and you are living off their income?
  2. How will you become rich when you do not have any money to invest in a business, to keep the business afloat for the next 5 years and do not have the liquidity to manage day to day operations?
  3. How can you call yourself a businessman when all you have done is just offer some service on Fiverr or Upwork or Freelancer and made a few measly dollars for a few weeks or months?

You want a reality dosage of what it is to be an Entrepreneur? This is what the reality of being an Entrepreneur is:

  1. You MAY make limitless amounts of money. But you WILL lose limitless amounts of money. The chances of you losing money is far more greater, higher and bigger than the chances of you making money
  2. You will have to work harder, longer, endure more stress, more pressure, more pain, more nonsense, more politics, more problems and more risks than any normal person
  3. You will miss out the key moments of your life as there will not zero work-life balance. You will be on call 24/7 if you want to make money
  4. You can be careful and safe throughout your life. But one mistake and you can lose everything. And the mistake need not be yours — it can be your partners, your employees, the government, a policy change or even just bad luck.
  5. You can be hard-working, smart, creative, dedicated — but if luck is not on your side — you are finished. And luck is the most important factor in any business — being the right person, at the right place, at the right time — that is what will either save you or destroy you
  6. You can always be the victim of your own success. What do I mean by that? You keep succeeding. You keep investing. You grow bigger and bigger. One fine day — the bubble bursts. Everything you believed in, anticipated would happen and expected would succeed — all will come crashing down.
  7. Entrepreneurs suffer from a disease called Cognitive Bias. They will only focus on why their idea would succeed, why they would survive the tough times and why their business would not only survive but also thrive. And that is why we normally listen to GaryVee, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, or take in the inspirational stories of Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban. But here is the deal — what about all those people — those millions and even billions who have failed? Why is it we focus on the minuscule .00001% who have succeeded and ignore the millions — the massive majority who failed?

After reading this abysmal, demotivating & negatively laced article, I am pretty sure my intelligence, qualifications, expertise, education, credentials & competence will be questioned by the hopefuls, the positive-minded and the ‘motivationally charged’ individuals. After all — if my prediction was so accurate — we wouldn’t have the success stories that you have just read in some magazine somewhere or on some Entrepreneurial or Business website somewhere right?

I only have one answer for you.

Hope is the dopamine for the masses, the drug that gives them a high and the placebo that drives them to try once again. And, this has helped not only the millions — it has helped me too. After all — I too was bankrupt, I too was a nothing and nobody, I too was penniless & homeless on the streets of India in 2011.

But the reality is I was ready to do anything and everything to succeed. Anything & Everything. Let me repeat it for you in case you didn’t still get it. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. And I did Anything and Everything to reach where I am today. Because in order to reach the top quickly — I had to.

The problem with our planet is that — the majority — the 99.99% will only tell you the sweet, sugary, sexy stuff that you need to listen to in order to succeed. The ugly side — no one wants to listen to it.

A parent would love to brag how smart, intelligent & exceptional gifted their child is because he was playing a musical instrument or singing a song or memorizing a poem. And they would love to show off their child’s small $5 trophy and parade it to everyone in the family. However, the reality is — in the larger and grander scheme of things — no one seriously cares about this useless gimmick. And when that same kid many years later stands in front of a potential employer with a piece of paper in his hand trying to prove he should be given a job and not the 4,000 other candidates who have also applied for the same — none of these talents, beliefs & compliments come to any use.

But though the parents know this reality — they still fool themselves and everyone else on what they choose to believe — that their child “is special”.

And that is where the Bullshit of Entrepreneurship, Cryptocurrency & Success Stories comes into play. We all like to believe what we choose to believe. We will only cherry-pick those stories, those examples and those anecdotes that support our beliefs and ignore all the other glaring examples and facts that stand right in front of us giving us the realities of things to come. And we as a human race will continue lying to ourselves — just because it sounds, seems and feels good.

However, one thing is for sure — Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Everyone who invests in every Cryptocurrency is not going to make millions. And just because Mr. X dropped out of college and became a success — doesn’t mean Mr. Y will also succeed.

So now my question to you is — How do you know for sure you are not giving yourself, convincing yourself and making yourself believe in nothing but absolutely, total and utter Bullshit?

Are you 100% sure?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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